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Pembantah anti-perang berkumpul di Dataran Parlimen pada 20 Mac 2003, dilihat dari bumbung Istana Westminster, dengan New Palace Yard di latar depan.

Dataran Parlimen ialah medan di luar hujung barat laut Istana Westminster di London. Ia mempunyai kawasan hijau terbuka luas di tengahnya, dengan sekumpulan pokok di bahagian barat.

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Dataran Parlimen, 1980.

Other buildings looking upon the square include Westminster Abbey and St. Margaret's, Westminster, the Middlesex Guildhall (the seat of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom), 100 Parliament Street serving HM Treasury and HM Revenue and Customs, and Portcullis House (and so Westminster tube station).

Roads coming off the square are St. Margaret Street (becoming Abingdon Street and then Millbank), Broad Sanctuary (becoming Victoria Street), Great George Street (which becomes Birdcage Walk), Parliament Street (becoming Whitehall), and Bridge Street (becoming Westminster Bridge).

Statues in and around the square are mostly of well-known statesmen, and include ones of Winston Churchill (on the North-Eastern edge of the green and turned East, overlooking Parliament), Abraham Lincoln (in front of Middlesex Guildhall), Robert Peel (South-Western edge of the green), Lord Palmerston (North-Western edge of the green), Jan Christian Smuts (Northern edge of the green), Derby, Disraeli and George Canning. On 29 August, 2007, a nine-foot high bronze statue of Nelson Mandela was erected in the square, Westminster City Council having objected to its erection in Trafalgar Square, due to space considerations. It was unveiled by the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, in the presence of Wendy Woods, the widow of Donald Woods, the late anti-apartheid campaigner, and the British actor, director and long-time friend of Woods, Lord Attenborough.

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Dataran Parlimen

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