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Coat of Arms of Indonesian province of West Sulawesi.

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Pengarang Government of Indonesia
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PD. This Indonesian Coat of Arms is free of copyrights (according to Indonesian Law: UU No. 19 Tahun 2002, Pasal 14 (b)).

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Public domain This file is in the public domain in Indonesia, because it is published and distributed by the Government of Republic of Indonesia, according to Article 43 of Law 28 of 2014 on copyrights.

There shall be no infringement of Copyright for:

  1. Publication, Distribution, Communication, and/or Reproduction of State emblems and national anthem in accordance with their original nature;
  2. Any Publication, Distribution, Communication, and/or Reproduction executed by or on behalf of the government, unless stated to be protected by laws and regulations, a statement to such Works, or when Publication, Distribution, Communication, and/or Reproduction to such Works are made;
  3. Reproduction, Publication, and/or Distribution of Portraits of the President, Vice President, former Presidents, former Vice Presidents, National Heroes, heads of State institutions, heads of ministries/nonministerial government agencies, and/or the heads of regions by taking into account the dignity and appropriateness in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations

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