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Gordon Liu memulakan karier lakonannya sebagai pelakon tambahan dalam filem Five Shaolin Masters (1974), Shaolin Martial Arts (1974) dan The Four Assassins (1975). Filem yang menaikkan nama beliau adalah The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978) sebagai San Te.

Year Title Role Notes
1974 5 Shaolin Masters
Shaolin Martial Arts
1975 4 Assassins
The Monk
1976 Challenge of the Masters Wong Fei-hung
7-Man Army
Bloody Avengers
1977 He Has Nothing But Kung Fu
Executioners From Shaolin
1978 Breakout from Oppression
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin San Te
Heroes of the East Ah To
Shaolin Mantis
1979 Fury in The Shaolin Temple
Dirty Ho
Spiritual Boxer II
1980 Clan of the White Lotus Hong Wen-Ting
Return to the 36th Chamber
Fists and Guts
1981 My Young Auntie
Shaolin and Wu Tang
Martial Club Wong Fei-hung
1982 Raiders of Buddhist Kung Fu
The Shaolin Drunken Monk
Legendary Weapons of China
Treasure Hunters
Young Vagabond
Cat vs Rat
1983 Lady Is the Boss
Crazy Shaolin Disciples
Tales of a Eunuch
Eight Diagram Pole Fighter Fifth Yang
1984 Shaolin Warrior
1985 Disciples of the 36th Chamber
1987 My Heart Is That Eternal Rose
1988 Legend of the Phoenix
Tiger on Beat
1989 A Fiery Family
Code of Fortune
Avenging Trio
Ghost Ballroom
The Killer Angels
1990 Tiger On The Beat II
A Bloody Fight
1991 China Heat
1992 Killing In The Dream
1993 Cheetah On Fire
Flirting Scholar
Deadly China Hero
Legend of the Liquid Sword
Bogus Cops
The Buddhism Palm Strikes Back For-wan Tse-san
The Mystery of the Condor Hero Yuen-tsan
1994 Drunken Master III
American Shaolin
Funny Shaolin Kids
1995 Lethal Girls 2
1996 Journey to the West (TV series)
1998 Journey to the West II (TV series)
1999 Generation Pendragon
The Island Tales
2000 The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber Sing Kwan
The Legend of Lady Yang Chan Yuen-lai
2001 A Step into the Past (TV series)
2002 Drunken Monkey
2003 Star Runner Coach Lau
The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow (TV series)
Kill Bill: Volume 1 Johnny Mo
2004 Kill Bill: Volume 2 Pai Mei
Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead Pak
2005 Dragon Squad
A Chinese Tall Story
Real Kung Fu Lin Yung (TV series)
2006 Mr. 3 Minutes
A Pillow Case of Mystery Sima Jui-fung (TV series)
2007 Shaolin Vs. Dead: Ultimate Power