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Glasier Siachen

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Glasier Siachen
सियाचिन ग्लेशियर
سیاچن گلیشیر
Imej satelit Glasier Siachen
Glasier Siachen is located in Bumi
Glasier Siachen
Glasier Siachen (Bumi)
JenisGlasier gunung
Koordinat35°25′16″N 77°06′34″E / 35.421226°N 77.109540°E / 35.421226; 77.109540Koordinat: 35°25′16″N 77°06′34″E / 35.421226°N 77.109540°E / 35.421226; 77.109540
Panjang70 km (43 bt)

Glasier Siachen terletak di timur Karakoram di Banjaran Himalaya. Berada di timur Garisan Kawalan antara India-Pakistan, ia adalah glasier terpanjang di Karakoram dan kedua terpanjang di kawasan luar kutub dunia dengan panjangnya ialah 70 km (41 batu).[4] Ia jatuh dari altitud 5,753 meter (18,875 kaki) dari aras laut di mana sumbernya dari Genting Indira di sempadan China ke muncung glasier di altitud 3,620 meter (11,875 kaki).

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  1. ^ See Diarkibkan 2012-06-14 di Wayback Machine for perhaps the most detailed treatment of the geography of the conflict, including its early days, and under section "3." the current status of Indian control of Gyong La, contrary to the oft-copied misstatement in the old error-plagued summary at
  2. ^ "India has been able to hold on to the tactical advantage of the high ground… Most of India's many outposts are west of the Siachen Glacier along the Saltoro Ridge." Bearak, Barry (23 May 1999). "THE COLDEST WAR; Frozen in Fury on the Roof of the World". The New York Times. Dicapai pada 20 February 2009.
  3. ^ In an academic study with detailed maps and satellite images, co-authored by brigadiers from both the Pakistani and Indian military, pages 16 and 27: "Since 1984, the Indian army has been in physical possession of most of the heights on the Saltoro Range west of the Siachen Glacier, while the Pakistan army has held posts at lower elevations of western slopes of the spurs emanating from the Saltoro ridgeline. The Indian army has secured its position on the ridgeline." Hakeem, Asad (1 September 2007). "Demilitarization of the Siachen Conflict Zone" (PDF). Sandia Report. Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM, USA. Dicapai pada 20 February 2009. Unknown parameter |coauthors= ignored (|author= suggested) (bantuan)
  4. ^ Siachen Glacier is 70 km (43 bt) long; Tajikistan's Fedchenko Glacier is 77 km (48 bt) long. The second longest in the Karakoram Mountains is the Biafo Glacier at 63 km (39 bt). Measurements are from recent imagery, supplemented with Russian 1:200,000 scale topographic mapping as well as the 1990 "Orographic Sketch Map: Karakoram: Sheet 2", Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research, Zurich.

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