Hot House Entertainment

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Hot House Entertainment
Industri Terbitan lucah gay
Ditubuhkan 1993
Ibu pejabat Amerika Syarikat San Francisco, California, Amerika Syarikat
Keluaran Filem terbitan lucah dan terbitan lucah internet
Laman sesawang

Hot House Entertainment, sebiuah studio terbitan lucah gay berasaskan San Francisco, telah ditubuhkan pada 1993 oleh pengarah Steven Scarborough. Syarikat mengeluarkan lima garisan video (Hot House Video, Plain Wrapped, Club Inferno, Pack Attack, & Hot House Backroom Exclusive Videos) dan mengekal tujuh online properties (Superstore, Backroom, Dungeon, On Demand[1], Blog, Pressroom, & Affiliate Site).

Sejarah[sunting | sunting sumber]

Steven Scarborough's introduction to the world of adult film-making came through his social contacts with Chuck Holmes, John Summers and Matt Sterling -- all luminaries that would go on to create the gay video industry as we know it today. At the time Scarborough owned a well-known health food store in San Francisco's Castro district where he employed, among others, adult video legends Eddie Marks and Kristen Bjorn. In 1987, Holmes asked Scarborough to join Falcon Studios as a director, where he was credited for positioning the company at the top of the gay video market. During his six year tenure, Scarborough produced and directed just under 50 films for the studio including the 1988 AVN Film of The Year, Touch Me, and the award-winning Abduction/Conflict/Redemption series for which he received Director of The Year in 1993.[2]

Scarborough has always been a vocal proponent of the freedom of sexual expression. Early in his career he decried the "decency" double standard that existed (and continues to exist) between the straight and gay arms of the adult industry. He also sensed a growing demand for fringe/fetish video and became convinced that he could champion this niche by capturing the action with his artistic directing experience. The "Plain Wrapped Video" and "Club Inferno" brands were launched and provided his fan-base access to professionally shot fetish films. His outstanding contributions, in part, earned him the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Free Speech Coalition in 2001.

The Adam Gay Video Guide, the mouthpiece of the adult video industry, named Scarborough "Director of the Year" in 1996 after only three years at Hot House. In 2002 Scarborough was honored at the GayVN Awards where he was inducted into the Hall of Fame; he also earned a spot on the Gay Chicago Magazine's Wall of Fame at the 2004 Grabby Awards.

Scarborough still runs Hot House and credits his accomplished staff - including VP/Creative Director Brent Smith (Scarborough's life partner who joined the company in 2001), production designer Richard Board, and Art Director Sister Roma - for consistently keeping the high standards of the Hot House brand.[3]

Garisan filem[sunting | sunting sumber]

Hot House Entertainment has produced over 100 gay pornographic films under 5 current distinct brands.

Hot House Video - The flagship brand featuring gay sex with muscular men in their 20s and 30s. The first eight movies released by Hot House were marketed under the Bullwhip label but were folded back into the Hot House Video line in 2002.

Hot House Backroom Exclusive Videos - A new brand of web-only content exclusively shot for the Backroom membership site.

Plain Wrapped Video - The world's first video line devoted exclusively to gay men into buttplay and fetish lifestyle. The entire library of 21 titles were directed by Steven Scarborough. The company has not produced a film for this line since 2003 so that Scarborough could re-focus his attention on the Hot House Video line.

Club Inferno - A gay fisting and fetish brand featuring up and coming new directors.

Pack Attack Video - A mid-priced gay gangbang product line launched in 2005.

Online properties[sunting | sunting sumber]

  • Hot House Superstore - Online DVD store with access to free xxx previews, iPod downloads, photos, etc.[4]
  • Hot House Backroom - Membership site featuring unlimited access to the entire Hot House Video library plus exclusive web scenes.[5]
  • Club Inferno Dungeon - Membership site featuring unlimited access to the entire Club Inferno and Plain Wrapped library.[6]
  • Hot House On Demand - Streaming movie rentals from Hot House Entertainment and other top studios like Bel Ami, Kristen Bjorn, Colt Studio Group, Rascal Video, Michael Lucas, etc.[7]
  • Hot Flash Blog - Hot House fansite updated daily with photos, videos, news, press releases, and gossip.[8]
  • Hot House Toys & Gear - Affiliate store with Mr. S Leather, one of the world's biggest leather gear and adult novelty retailers. [9]
  • Hot House Cash Affiliate Site - Incentivized referral program for webmasters to send traffic to the Backroom or Dungeon sites with payouts of up to 50%. The site is loaded weekly with new tools for driving traffic such as banners, flash video players, hosted Thumbnail Gallery Post, etc. [10]

Pengarah[sunting | sunting sumber]

Peragawan dan pelakon pilihan[sunting | sunting sumber]

Videography pilihan[sunting | sunting sumber]

  • On The Mark (Hot House Video, 1993)
  • The Road To Hopeful (Hot House Video, 1994)
  • The Road Home (Hot House Video, 1996)
  • Sure Thing (Hot House Video, 1997)
  • Skuff (Hot House Video, 1999)
  • Descent (Hot House Video, 1999)
  • Resurrection (Hot House Video, 2003)
  • Skuff II: Downright Filthy (Hot House Video, 2003)
  • Perfect Fit (Hot House Video, 2003)
  • Screw (Hot House Video, 2004)
  • Screw 2 (Hot House Video, 2004)
  • The Road To Temptation (Hot House Video, 2004)
  • Trunks (Hot House Video, 2004)
  • Ram Tough (Hot House Video, 2005)
  • Skuff 3: Downright Wrong (Hot House Video, 2005)
  • Mischief (Hot House Video, 2005)
  • The Missing (Hot House Video, 2005)
  • At Your Service (Hot House Video, 2005)
  • Trunks 2 (Hot House Video, 2005)
  • Manhunt 2.0 (Hot House Video, 2006)
  • Butch Alley (Hot House Video, 2006)
  • Justice (Hot House Video, 2006)
  • Black -N- Blue (Hot House Video, 2006)
  • Communion (2007) [18]
  • Trunks 4: White Heat (Hot House Video, 2007)
  • Jockstrap (Hot House Video, 2007)
  • Verboten Part 1 & 2 (Hot House Video, 2007)
  • Head Hunters, Inc. (Hot House Video, 2007)
  • Stark Naked (Hot House Video, 2008)
  • Paging Dr. Finger (Hot House Video, 2008)
  • King Size (Hot House Video, 2008)
  • Trunks 5 (Hot House Video, 2008)
  • Wood Work (Hot House Video, 2008)
  • Pack Attack 1: Kent North (Pack Attack, 2005)
  • Pack Attack 2: Marco Paris (Pack Attack, 2006)
  • Pack Attack 3: C.J. Knight (Pack Attack, 2007)[19]
  • HandPacked I: JamPacked (Club Inferno, 2002)
  • Strong-Armed 1 (Club Inferno, 2003)
  • HandPacked II: ManPacked (Club Inferno, 2003)
  • HandPacked III: JamPacked (Club Inferno, 2004)
  • Strong-Armed 2 (Club Inferno, 2004)
  • Fisticuffs (Club Inferno, 2004)
  • Twisted (Club Inferno, 2005)
  • Big On The Inside (Club Inferno, 2005)
  • 2 Twisted (Club Inferno, 2006)
  • Slam Dunk (Club Inferno, 2006)
  • Mister Fister (Club Inferno, 2006)
  • Knuckle Sandwich (Club Inferno, 2007)
  • 5 Deep (Club Inferno, 2007)
  • Hole Wreckers (Club Inferno, 2008)
  • Red Hanky (Club Inferno, 2008)
  • Fisting Network (Club Inferno, 2008)
  • Backroom Exclusive Videos Vol. 1 (Backroom Exclusive Videos, 2008)
  • Backroom Exclusive Videos Vol. 2 (Backroom Exclusive Videos, 2008))
  • Backroom Exclusive Videos Vol. 3 (Backroom Exclusive Videos, 2008)
  • Backroom Exclusive Videos Vol. 4 (Backroom Exclusive Videos, 2008)
  • Backroom Exclusive Videos Vol. 5 (Backroom Exclusive Videos, 2008)
  • Backroom Exclusive Videos Vol. 6 (Backroom Exclusive Videos, 2008)
  • Backroom Exclusive Videos Vol. 7 (Backroom Exclusive Videos, 2008)
  • Backroom Exclusive Videos Vol. 8 (Backroom Exclusive Videos, 2008)

Anugerah[sunting | sunting sumber]

Rujukan[sunting | sunting sumber]

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