Pergi ke kandungan

Long Road to Heaven: Perbezaan antara semakan

===The trials===
SevenTujuh monthsbulan afterselepas theletupan bombingbom, Australianwartawan reporterAustralia Liz Thompson (Hill) goespergi toke Bali tountuk cover the trials. She hires a taxi driver and translator, Wayan Diya (Komang), to take her around the island. Diya at first refuses, but Thompson pushes him and triples the amount she originally offered in order to pay for his service. They first go to the location of the bombing, where Thompson takes pictures of the site, then to the trial, where Thompson covers a portion of Amrozi's trial. While she is in the courtroom, Diya goes to a nearby restaurant to watch the trial, and later throws a rock in the direction of Amrozi while Amrozi is transferring to the police transport. Realizing how stressful it is for Diya, Thompson tells him that she is sorry, and says that she doesn't need any more help. In order to try and mend fences, Thompson inquires Diya about his elephant tattoo. Diya explains that it is [[Ganesha]], and one day when they were drunk, he and his brother had it done together.
==Lakonan dan Kakitangan==