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== Pautan luar ==
{{Wikisource|Adolf Hitler's Letter to Benito Mussolini Explaining the Invasion of the Soviet Union}}
* [ Relationship between the campaigns in the Balkans and the invasion of Russia] and [ associated timeline] on a [[United States Army|US Army]] website
{{Wikisource|The Führer to the German People: 22 June 1941}}
* [ Multimedia map]—Covers the invasion of Russia including Operation Barbarossa
{{Wikisource|Adolf Hitler's Order of the Day to the German Troops on the Eastern Front (2 October 1941)}}
* [ Operation Barbarossa]—Detailed analysis of the operation by author Bevin Alexander.
{{Wikisource|Adolf Hitler Explains His Reasons for Invading the Soviet Union}}
* Over 2,000 original German WWII soldier photographs from the Eastern Front, [ Part 1] and [ Part 2]
* Lengthy narrative of the war with analysis, [ Operation Barbarossa Revisited]
* [ Marking 70 Years to Operation Barbarossa] on the [[Yad Vashem]] website
* Central Intelligence Agency, Office of Current Intelligence. [ ''The Soviet History of World War II''], 28 October 1959.
* [ Over 270 original private German color photos from Operation Barbarossa] on Pixpast website
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* [ Operation Barbarossa] original reports and pictures from ''[[The Times]]''
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