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== Buku ==
* ''Of Molecules and Men'' (Prometheus Books, 2004; original edition 1967) {{ISBN|1-59102-185-5}}
* ''DaripadaLife MolekulItself: danIts LelakiOrigin and Nature'' (PrometheusSimon Books,& 2004Schuster, edisi asal 19671981) {{ISBN|10-59102671-18525562-52}}
* ''What Mad Pursuit: A Personal View of Scientific Discovery'' (Basic Books reprint edition, 1990) {{ISBN|0-465-09138-5}}
* ''The Astonishing Hypothesis: The Scientific Search For The Soul'' (Scribner reprint edition, 1995) {{ISBN|0-684-80158-2}}
* Georg Kreisel: a Few Personal Recollections. In: ''Kreiseliana: About and Around Georg Kreisel'' (1996), pp. 25–32. {{ISBN|1-56881-061-X}}
== Rujukan ==
==Bacaan lanjut==
* John Bankston, Francis Crick and James D. Watson; ''Francis Crick and James Watson: Pioneers in DNA Research'' (Mitchell Lane Publishers, Inc., 2002) {{ISBN|1-58415-122-6}}.
* Bill Bryson; ''A Short History of Nearly Everything'' (Broadway Books, 2003) {{ISBN|0-7679-0817-1}}.
* Soraya De Chadarevian; ''Designs For Life: Molecular Biology After World War II'', CUP 2002, 444 pp; {{ISBN|0-521-57078-6}}.
* Roderick Braithwaite. ''Strikingly Alive:'' ''The History of the Mill Hill School Foundation 1807–2007''; published Phillimore & Co. {{ISBN|978-1-86077-330-3}}
* Edwin Chargaff; ''Heraclitean Fire'', Rockefeller Press, 1978.
* S. Chomet (Ed.), ''D.N.A. Genesis of a Discovery'', 1994, Newman- Hemisphere Press, London
* Dickerson, Richard E.; ''Present at the Flood: How Structural Molecular Biology Came About'', Sinauer, 2005; {{ISBN|0-87893-168-6}}.
* Edward Edelson,"''Francis Crick And James Watson: And the Building Blocks of Life'', Oxford University Press, 2000, {{ISBN|0-19-513971-2}}.
* John Finch; ''A Nobel Fellow On Every Floor'', Medical Research Council 2008, 381 pp, {{ISBN|978-1-84046-940-0}}.
*Hager, Thomas; ''Force of Nature: The Life of Linus Pauling'', Simon & Schuster 1995; {{ISBN|0-684-80909-5}}
* Graeme Hunter; ''Light Is A Messenger, the life and science of William Lawrence Bragg'' (Oxford University Press, 2004) {{ISBN|0-19-852921-X}}.
* Horace Freeland Judson, ''The Eighth Day of Creation. Makers of the Revolution in Biology''; Penguin Books 1995, first published by Jonathan Cape, 1977; {{ISBN|0-14-017800-7}}.
* Errol C. Friedberg; ''Sydney Brenner: A Biography'', pub. [[CSHL Press]] October 2010, {{ISBN|0-87969-947-7}}.
* Torsten Krude (Ed.); ''DNA Changing Science and Society'' ({{ISBN|0-521-82378-1}}) CUP 2003. (The Darwin Lectures for 2003, including one by Sir Aaron Klug on Rosalind Franklin's involvement in the determination of the structure of DNA).
* Robert Olby; ''The Path to The Double Helix: Discovery of DNA''; first published in October 1974 by MacMillan, with foreword by Francis Crick; {{ISBN|0-486-68117-3}}; revised in 1994, with a 9-page postscript.
* Robert Olby; Oxford National Dictionary article: Crick, Francis Harry Compton (1916–2004). In: ''Oxford Dictionary of National Biography'', Oxford University Press, January 2008.
* Anne Sayre. 1975. ''Rosalind Franklin and DNA''. New York: W.W. Norton and Company. {{ISBN|0-393-32044-8}}.
* James D. Watson; ''The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA'', Atheneum, 1980, {{ISBN|0-689-70602-2}} (first published in 1968) is a very readable firsthand account of the research by Crick and Watson. The book also formed the basis of the award-winning television dramatization ''Life Story'' by BBC Horizon (also broadcast as ''Race for the Double Helix''). [The Norton Critical Edition, which was published in 1980, edited by Gunther S. Stent: {{ISBN|0-393-01245-X}}]
* James D. Watson; ''Avoid Boring People and Other Lessons from a Life in Science'', New York: Random House. {{ISBN|978-0-375-41284-4}}.
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* [ The Francis Crick Institute]
* {{Find a Grave|97582493}}
* [ "Francis Harry Compton Crick (1916-2004)" by A. Andrei at the Embryo Project Encyclopedia]
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