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'''Granada''' ([[Tulisan Jawi]]: ݢرانادا) merupakan sebuah [[kawasan perbandaran]] yang terletak di wilayah [[Wilayah Granada|Granada]], [[Andalusia]], [[Sepanyol]].<!-- Granada is located at the foot of the [[Sierra Nevada (Spain)|Sierra Nevada]] mountains, at the confluence of three rivers, the [[Beiro]], the [[Darro (river)|Darro]] and the [[Genil]]. It sits at an elevation of 738 metres [[Above mean sea level|above sea level]], yet is only one hour from the [[Mediterranean]] coast, the [[Costa Tropical]]. Nearby is the [[Sierra Nevada Ski Station]], where the [[FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 1996]] were held.
In the 2005 national [[census]], the population of the city of Granada proper was 236,982, and the population of the entire urban area was estimated to be 472,638, ranking as the 13th-largest urban area of Spain. About 3.3% of the population did not hold Spanish citizenship, the largest number of these people (31%) coming from [[South America]]. Its nearest airport is [[Federico García Lorca Airport|Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaén Airport]].


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