Kertas Putih 1939: Perbezaan antara semakan

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*'''Section III. Land''': Previously no restriction had been imposed on the transfer of land from Arabs to Jews, while now the ''White Paper'' stated: <blockquote>"The Reports of several expert Commissions have indicated that, owing to the natural growth of the Arab population and the steady sale in recent years of Arab land to Jews, there is now in certain areas no room for further transfers of Arab land, whilst in some other areas such transfers of land must be restricted if Arab cultivators are to maintain their existing standard of life and a considerable landless Arab population is not soon to be created. In these circumstances, the High Commissioner will be given general powers to prohibit and regulate transfers of land."</blockquote>
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== Reaksi Kertas Putih 1939 ==
== Rujukan ==
*[ Kertas Putih 1939] {{Webarchive|url= |date=2016-04-21 }} di [[Universiti Yale]]
* J.C. Hurewitz, ''The Struggle for Palestine'', Schoken Books, 1976


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