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'''Perdana Menteri Vietnam''' ialah ketua kerajaan bahagian eksekutif kerajaan [[Vietnam]]. Perdana Menteri merupakan ketua [[kabinet]] Vietnam, dan bertanggungjawab melantik dan mengawasi [[menteri]]. Perdana Menteri dilantk oleh [[Presiden Vietnam|Presiden]] dari kalangan ahli [[Perhimpunan Kebangsaan Vietnam|Perhimpunan Kebangsaan]].
{{intro daftar pemimpin|PM|Vietnam}}<!-- The '''Prime Minister of Vietnam''' is the head of the executive branch of the [[Vietnam | Vietnamese]] government. The Prime Minister presides over the Vietnamese [[cabinet]], and is responsible for appointing and supervising [[Political minister| ministers]]. The Prime Minister is appointed by the [[President of Vietnam | President]] from among the members of the [[National Assembly of Vietnam | National Assembly]].
Until [[24 September]] [[1992]], the holder of this office was known simply as the Chairman of the Council of Ministers. Since that point, however, the title "Prime Minister" has been used.
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* [[Presiden Vietnam]]
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