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===Asal pergabungan===
Di Barat, hampir semua muzik, kecuali [[muzik tradisional]], mempunyai asal pergabungan. [[Genre pergabungan]] ialah genre muzik yang menggabungkan dua atau lebih genre, misalnya [[rock and roll]] pada asalnya dikembangkan daripada gabungan muzik [[blues]], [[muzik gospel]], dan [[lagu rakyat Amerika]]. Ciri-ciri utama genre pergabungan ialah perubahan [[tempo]], [[ritma]], dan kekadangnya, penggunaan "perjalanan" muzik yang panjang yang dapat dibahagikan kepada bahagian-bahagian yang lebih pendek, dengan setiapnya memiliki dinamik, gaya, dan tempo tersendiri.
In the West, nearly all music except [[Traditional music]] has a fusional origin.
A '''[[fusion genre]]''' is a music genre that combines two or more genres. For example, [[rock and roll]] originally developed as a fusion of [[blues]], [[Gospel music|gospel]] and [[country music]]. The main characteristics of fusion genres are variations in tempo, rhythm and sometimes the use of long musical "journeys" that can be divided into smaller parts, each with their own dynamics, style and tempo.
Artists who work in fusion genres are often difficult to categorise within non-fusion styles. Most styles of fusion music are influenced by various musical genres. While there are many reasons for this, the main reason is that most genres evolved out of other genres. When the new genre finally identifies itself as separate, there is often a large gray area in which musicians are left. These artists generally consider themselves part of both genres. A musician who plays music that is dominantly blues, influenced by rock, is often labelled a blues-rock musician. The first genre is the one from which the new one evolved. The second genre is the newer and less-dominant genre in the artist's playing. An example of a blues-rock group would be [[Stevie Ray Vaughan]] and [[Double Trouble (band)|Double Trouble]]. Vaughan, a Texas blues guitarist, surrounded by a world in which rock was dominating music, used rock and blues together.

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