Last One Standing

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Last One Standing
GenreSuspen Moden
FormatHigh Definition
Dibintangi oleh
Roger Kwok
Kevin Cheng
Yoyo Mung
Kiki Sheung
Negara asal Hong Kong
Bilangan episod22
PenerbitAmy Wong
Tempoh siaran45 minit (approx.)
Saluran asalTVB
Siaran asal22 September, 2008
18 Oktober, 2008
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Last One Standing (Cina Tradisional: 與敵同行) adalah siri TVB yang disiarkan pada September 2008.

Sinopsis[sunting | sunting sumber]

Time was served for a crime he did not commit.
After ten years, can he discover the truth behind his father's murder?[1]

Cheung Sing-Hei (Kevin Cheng) dihantar ke penjara kerana membunuh ayah tirinya, the witness of the case turns out to be his cousin brother Tong Lap-Yin (Roger Kwok). Sepuluh tahun kemudian, Hei dibebaskan dari penjara. At that time, Yin has become one of the city's most famous people, but Hei is left with nothing at all. Feeling suspicious about the case that took place ten years ago, he is desperate to find out the truth behind his stepfather's death. But when Hei is close to digging out the truth, at the same time he puts himself in dangers that might lurk. While investigating the case, he meets reporter Lei Pui-Ka (Yoyo Mung), but he finds out that she was Yin's girlfriend, and at the same time, he also finds out that Yin and his stepfather had fights and quarrels about financial problems. The truth might be frightening, but also might let people noticing about the truth about the murder. So the basic story line is "Will Hei be able to find out the truth to the case and help himself prove his innocence?".

Pelakon[sunting | sunting sumber]

Pelakon Peranan Keterangan
Roger Kwok Tong Lap Yin
Cheung Sing Hei's older cousin.
Kevin Cheng Cheung Sing Hei
Tong Lap Yin's younger cousin.
Yoyo Mung Lei Pui Ka
News Reporter
Kiki Sheung
Elaine Yiu
Macy Chan Cheung Sing Hei's girlfriend.
Yvonne Ho
Evergreen Mak
Law Lok Lam

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