Mahkamah Majistret

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Mahkamah Majistret di Kemaman, Terengganu, Malaysia.

Undang-undang England dan Wales

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Mahkamah England dan Wales

Sebuah mahkamah majistret, terdahulunya digelarkan sebuah mahkamah polis, adalah peringkat paling rendah mahkamah di England dan Wales dan banyak bidang kuasa common law lain. Sebuah mahkamah majistret dipengerusikan oleh suatu tribunal terdiri dari dua atau lebih (kebanyakannya umum tiga) jaksa keadilan atau oleh seorang hakim daerah (bekasnya digelarkan seorang majistret) dibayar gaji, dan melaksanakan keadilan ringkasan, di bawah kuasa-kuasa biasanya dihadkan oleh statut. Tribunal yang mempengerusi ke atas Mahkamah adalah biasanya dirujukkan hanya sebagai Bangku.

Penasihat undang-undang[sunting | sunting sumber]

Magistrate judges or district judges are always assisted by a professional legal adviser or clerk to the justices, whose role it is to ensure that procedures are adhered to and that the Bench is properly directed as to the law and its powers, as well as to see that the Courts' business is dealt with efficiently. Unsurprisingly, the clerk's role is far more significant where lay magistrates are presiding because they are not legally trained and so require more advice on legal matters than a district judge. The clerk ought not exert any influence upon the Bench - the advice of which they provide must be neutral - but nevertheless the advice of the clerk carries considerable weight. To the end, the Practice Direction 2000 attempts to resolve issues concerning the influence of clerks of magistrates. It states that clerks should only advise on point of law and all advice should be given in open court in front of all present

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