Perang Inggeris-Iraq

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Perang Inggeris-Iraq
Sebahagian daripada Perang Dunia Kedua (Kancah Mediterranean dan Timur Tengah)
Men in pith helmets
Askar British di Baghdad, 11 Jun 1941
Tarikh2–31 Mei 1941 (02-05-1941 – 31-05-1941)[8][nb 4]
Keputusan Kemenangan Pihak Bersekutu
Pihak yang terlibat

Kuasa Bersekutu :
 United Kingdom

Sokongan udara dan laut :
 Australia[nb 1]
Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand[nb 2]
Greece[nb 3]
Kuasa Paksi :
Flag of Iraq (1924–1959).svg Kerajaan Beraja Iraq
Sokongan udara :
 Jerman Nazi[5]
Flag of Italy (1861-1946) crowned.svg Itali[6]
Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg Perancis Vichy[7]
Komandan dan pemimpin
United Kingdom Claude Auchinleck
United Kingdom Archibald Wavell[10]
United Kingdom Edward Quinan[11]
United Kingdom William Fraser[10]
United Kingdom William Slim
United Kingdom H. G. Smart[12]
United Kingdom Ouvry Roberts
United Kingdom John D'Albiac
Iraq Rashid Ali al-Gaylani
Iraq Salah al-Sabbagh
Iraq Kamil Shabib
Iraq Fahmi Said_-(Dihukum mati)
Iraq Mahmud Salman(Dihukum mati)
Iraq Fawzi al-Qawuqji
Flag of Hejaz 1917.svg Amin al-Husseini[13]
Jerman Nazi Werner Junck
1 divisyen infantri[14]
2 kumpulan briged[nb 5]
100+ pesawat[nb 6]
4 divisyen[17]
30,000 askar[18]
116 pesawat Iraq[19] (50–60 boleh digunakan)[11]
21–29 pesawat Jerman[5][20]
12 pesawat Itali[6]
Kerugian dan korban
Kasualti sedikit[21]
Sekurang-kurangnya 200 terbunuh[22]
28 pesawat[23]
1,750 kasualti, termasuk 500 terbunuh[21]
Kebanyakannya pesawat Iraq yang berguna[24]
19 pesawat Jerman[6]
3 pesawat Itali[6]

Perang Inggeris-Iraq adalah kempen ketenteraan Pihak Bersekutu pimpinan British semasa Perang Dunia Kedua menentang Kerajaan Beraja Iraq dibawah Rashid Ali, yang telah merampas kuasa dalam rampasan kuasa Iraq 1941, dengan pertolongan dari Jerman dan Itali. Kempen ini menyebabkan kejatuhan kerajaan Ali, penjajahan semula Iraq oleh British, dan kembalinya pemerintahan Pemangku Raja Iraq, Putera 'Abd al-Ilah, iaitu sekutu British.

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  1. ^ HMAS Yarra, representing Australia, participated at sea.[2]
  2. ^ HMNZS Leander, representing New Zealand, participated at sea.[3]
  3. ^ Greek airmen undergoing training at Habbaniya flew sorties against the Iraqis.[4]
  4. ^ On 30 May Rashid Ali and his supporters fled to Persia. At 4 am on 31 May, the Mayor of Baghdad signed an armistice on a bridge across the Washash Canal.[9] Mercol, Gocol, and Harcol operations against guerrillas continued into June.
  5. ^ See Iraqforce; Habforce constituted one reinforced Brigade group while the force based at RAF Habbaniya constituted the other.
  6. ^ 85 aircraft based at RAF Habbaniya.[15][16] 18 bombers were flown into RAF Shaibah as reinforcements[12] while No. 244 Squadron RAF was already based there equipped with Vicker Vincents.[16] No. 84 Squadron RAF was rebased to RAF Aqir, in Palestine, to support British ground forces during the rebellion.[16] Four Bristol Blenheims of No. 203 Squadron RAF were flown to RAF Lydda, also in Palestine, to fly combat missions over Iraq.[16]

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