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power plant Suralaya[sunting sumber]

hi, i've created an article about the Suralaya Power Station in the german wiki. this source says, that the owner is PT PLN (Persero) and the Operating Company is PT Indonesia Power Suralaya GBU. i've got 2 questions:

  • what does PT PLN (Persero) stand for and what does it mean in english ? PLN stands for Perusahaan Listrik Negara ( but what does PT and Persero mean?
  • PT Indonesia Power Suralaya GBU, what is the indonesian name of this company?

i understand that melayu and bahasa indonesia is more or less the same, so i hope you can help me out. thanks --Agentjoerg (bincang) 14:01, 14 Ogos 2014 (UTC)

Hi, you're welcomed in the future in Indonesian Wikipedia's embassy (id:Pembicaraan_Wikipedia:Kedutaan). To answer your questions:
  • PT stands for id:Perseroan Terbatas, a limited company (English article: en:Joint-stock company)
  • id:Persero is a kind of state owned company, therefore it's added after PLN to denote that it's not a private company, but state company.
  • id:Indonesia Power is the child company of PLN. According to that article, that company is now currently oversee 8 plants, one of the is in a location called Suralaya. (NB: the article is kinda outdated on that one).
Let us know if we could be of more help. Bennylin (bincang) 18:31, 14 Ogos 2014 (UTC)

thanks plz guide me how to use film haubal pict in my own language page