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Gambar pilihan[sunting sumber]

Hai Alistair, jika masalah hanya pada sentuhan dinding kotak tajuk gambar pilihan, saya boleh membuatnya tak menyentuh. Tetapi jika anda memang suka gambar itu lebih kecil, anda berikanlah saya kod untuk keempat-empat warna itu dan saya akan cuba masukkan. — PM Poon 05:45, 1 Julai 2006 (UTC)

Bagi tanggapan saya, jika gambar menyentuh kotak tajuk, kan lagi canggih? — PM Poon 06:17, 1 Julai 2006 (UTC)

Gambar pilihan[sunting sumber]

Memang sepatutnya bertukar menjadi Wikipedia:Abstrak gambar pilihan/2 dan seterusnya mengikut hari bulan. Itulah fungsi pembolehubah CURRENTDAY. Rencana pilihan memang menggunakan format ini. Bezanya ialah rencana pilihan mempunyai laman peralihan untuk setiap hari, contohnya Wikipedia:Abstrak rencana pilihan/2 - 10 akan mengalih ke hari 1. Tapi memandangkan gambar pilihan cuma ditukar 3 kali sebulan, tak nak buat pun tak apa. Format ini cuma bagus kalau gambar ditukar dengan kerap. ...Aurora... 02:19, 3 Julai 2006 (UTC)

Gantung terus? Saya kurang faham. Satu lagi, jika anda buat templat tahukah anda, seelok-eloknya rencana yang ditebalkan itu sudah wujud. Jadi saya tak galakkan terjemah dari wiki-en. ...Aurora... 09:14, 3 Julai 2006 (UTC)
Oh begitu. Mmm... kena tanya PM Poon sebab dia yg buat format abstrak itu. Saya ikut sahaja, tak kisah sangat kalau anda nak tukar. Mengenai sudut tahukah anda itu, kalau boleh saya tak nak banyak sangat pautan merah di Laman Utama. Lagipun saya rasa tidak berapa logik jika subjek utama dalam ayat tersebut merah. ...Aurora... 09:37, 3 Julai 2006 (UTC)
Hai Alistair,
Sebenarnya Laman Utama itu adalah nama laman itu, sebab itu ia terpapar di bahagian atas seperti tajuk rencana lain. Untuk menukar namanya, ia perlu di alih ke nama baru, sesuatu yang kurang elok kerana ia akan menghilangkan kedudukannya dalam enjin pencarian. Berkenaan tag hakcipta, saya kurang pasti kerana ia dicipta oleh orang lain. Saya perlu meneliti kembali parameternya. Yosri 12:32, 4 Julai 2006 (UTC)

Rencana undang-undang[sunting sumber]

Hai Alistair, mengapa anda kini tak nak mengkhususkan dalam rencana undang-undang? Biarlah kami yang menulis rencana cap palang, hehehe. Portal ini memang tiada orang mengarang atau berlayak mengarang rencana undang-undang. — PM Poon 05:30, 5 Julai 2006 (UTC)

Personal observation on contributions in this portal[sunting sumber]

I never seem to like MS Word although I use it for global changes, and MS Excel for sorting. I write best in kotak penyuntingan cos I can check the layout instantaneously, hehehe. As you may be aware, I am very particular about layout, especially tables where words tend to "lean" on the edge of the box, an HTML weakness that developers have yet been able to solve, and therefore requires a lot of effort to correct. Writing in kotak penyuntingan also helps me when it comes to creating links. Of course, writing in kotak penyuntingan has its weakness too, like you have to try to complete the article in one sitting, lol.

Hari ulang tahun pilihan

As for the feature, "Hari ulang tahun pilihan", I have not seen anyone correcting them anymore after the first few attempts by Aurora (and even then, Aurora has obviously forgotten about it when she said that "laman utama sudah agak lama tidak bertukar"). Instead of passing the buck to someone else, I thought it would be good to propose its abolition if there is really no one who reads it. I, for one, never read it, lol. To me, I find an article by day quite meaningless as compared to year as it does not give a contextual background. I would rather read a page by year with dates in it (the reverse of the present presentation), but that's only my personal preference. Translating those articles were not that difficult, but after two months, it does seem a chore. Admittedly, I hate repetitive work and prefer to do something different each time. As such, I make a lousy administrator.

"Number of hits" as research parameter

Actually, there is a feature called "This page has been accessed xxxx times" which has been disabled by Wikipedia bahasa Inggeris. I have once asked them to introduce it but they said they did, but then found the data meaningless to them because they are using multiple servers. Wonder why they couldn't add up the figures when our technology has already enabled us to reach Pluto, hehehe.

However, Wikipedia bahasa Melayu is unique in that we are using a single server, either in Hong Kong or Taiwan (that is, if I am not mistaken.) As such, there are certain things like "class" that cannot work in Wikipedia bahasa Melayu, although Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia does not encounter this same problem as they are using the same servers as Wikipedia bahasa Inggeris. I think it would be good to have this feature so that we can have a focus as to what kinds of articles appeal most to our readers. Apparently, our writers and possibly readers are not very interested in serious articles, but prefer entertainment articles, such as songs and movies.

It would be good if this software could identify the number of searches for articles that are not yet available (as in one online Indonesian dictionary), but unfortunately this feature is not available as far as I know. In any case, the feature, "This page has been accessed xxxx times", would be a good start for collecting data on readers' interest.

Creating a new culture

I have tried to introduce a new culture, based on some of the things that I have learned in Wikipedia bahasa Inggeris, but till date, I have not been at all successful. Apparently, we do not seem to bother to learn from each other, with each contributor insisting on their own ways, irrespective whether there is a better way of doing some thing. Tables that I have created have apparently been used only by myself. While some may claim that they are not aware of the tables that I have created, I do know of several instances where they have edited my articles but yet do not bother to use my table, insisting on using theirs or from Wikipedia bahasa Inggeris where the wordings lean on the edge of the tables, lol.

You are very enthusiastic at the moment, but a time will come when you will simply give up and just hang your socks, hehehe. Yet again, anything is possible, and you may not, lol. — PM Poon 07:38, 5 Julai 2006 (UTC)

A reply to your observation

First and foremost, I would like to let you know that there are no secrets as far as I am concerned, what with technology already reaching Pluto. What I do know cannot even bring you to the clouds! hehehe.

My "secret"

What do you mean by "secret"? If "secret" means "shortcut", I have none. The truth may put you off, but if you want the truth, let me tell you the truth even if it puts you off, hehehe. Passion and a lot of hard work, that's it!!! Behind each new thing that I introduced, I may be spending sleepness nights agonizing over one little technicality that spells the difference between success and failure. I am no genius.

I must count myself lucky for accidentally bumping into Wikipedia bahasa Inggeris first before coming to Wikipedia bahasa Melayu because by then, I have been very ingrained into their style where every sentence you write, every single word, every letter, is scrutinized and becomes a source of such violent dispute and utter unhappiness.

I have a knack for getting involved in controversies and scandals, lol. I remember a controversy over the phrase, "His works are", which I edited to "His works is". What happened was a huge scandal that led to the Professor of English Language for Foreign Students at the University of Oxford being brought in. A couple of exchanges, where the author claims that he is native English while I am not, were fired. Not to be outdone, I insisted that a "Professor of English Language for Foreign Students" was no better than an "English teacher for elementary school" with a glorious title. The Professor insisted that "His works are" was correct and that I was wrong. All I had to do was search the internet for a few English sites, especially those of the British Council to prove them wrong, and they left without even admitting their mistake! (Incidentally, the professor was eventually asked to face a hearing in Wikipedia High Court for some offences that would have disqualified him as sysop. I was asked to offer my grievances against him, but I refused. Life is too short for that, lol.) Nevertheless, those few months when I got "f..." left, right, and center, did help me to improve myself a lot.

The other thing is of course my passion for computer programming where I have written a few programs, first using Lotus Macro and subsequently graduating to dBase III and Clipper programming. As you may know, I belong to the era when computer programming means punching holes in punch cards and sending them off to the computer centre for the mainframe to run and getting the results the following day.

Self-study after university means being daring to learn new things without fear. Actually, all computer programs share the same control structures (you know one, you know all) and as such, it is quite easy to learn a new one. All you need to learn is only the syntax. But what we have here is only HTML and XML but apparently, they have developed XML to such an extent that simple control structures are now possible.

Hari ulang tahun pilihan

I was honestly quite worried that someone would ask why "its creator decided to leave despite clearly knowing that we need all the help we can get", hehehe. In actual fact, I did not really create this feature, which was originally "Peristiwa hari ini".

Changing the "Hari ulang tahun pilihan" to monthly can be done, but it requires compressing 30 days x av. 5 entries = 150 entries into probably 10 final entries. Obviously, if someone is prepared to do that, it can easily be effected.

Yet to me, red links are nothing to fuzz about. Isn't it true that we are still developing and have indeed a long way to go? The point is to be honest with ourselves, rather than try to hide anything. If we do not like red links, we can always change it to green, hehehe. But a better idea would be to go back to basics and build our foundation, ie. to write articles so that the red links go away by itself.

Honestly, I did not dare to venture much into Julius Caesar because in Wikipedia bahasa Inggeris, once an article is earmarked, that article is frozen, and they create a duplicate site for those who wants to do any further editing. In any case, I did do some minor corrections, particularly to headings, which were not in accordance with the Manual of Style.

What I suggest is that it may be better not to allow anyone to edit, once an article has been featured. What we can do is add a line at the bottom of the Rencana Pilihan that says:

Sila bantu mengemaskinikan rencana pilihan bulan depan: XXXX
like what you did when you added: Lihat juga rencana bulan ini: Julius Caesar. This way, the editing is done before the actual featuring. We can then have all the red links listed out and then, by hook or by crook, "invite" prospective writers to write these articles. (If you expect volunteers, I don't think you can get three, hehehe.) If everyone endeavours to write one article so that the red links in the Rencana Pilihan are gone before it is featured, don't you think it would be great? It would be a great rallying point for all of us to work together in unison. (It's too much hazzle for the "Hari ulang tahun pilihan" feature, but that feature would at least serve as a useful reminder that we are not that great after all.)

Rencana Pilihan dan Gambar Pilihan

I have amended the Rencana Pilihan and Gambar Pilihan to monthly, so instead of using the day, you can now use the month, ie: Copy Templat:PengenalanLamanUtama/A to Templat:PengenalanLamanUtama and it should work on a monthly basis from now onwards. As you can see, I have problems trying to make each of the horizontal boxes of equal height: Actually, this problem is solved in Portal Masyarakat, but I have to analyze how it is done, hehehe. So you see? I am not that great after all!

No necessity to reinvent the wheel

Personally, I do not see any need to reinvent the wheel if articles are available in Wikipedia bahasa Inggeris. It would be foolish to spend so much time writing an article all alone when a huge group of writers have already done so in Wikipedia bahasa Inggeris; furthermore, there is no guarantee that the work of one lone ranger can beat their quality.

Yet, Wikipedia bahasa Inggeris does not have many articles related to this part of the world. It is only under such circumstances that I feel we should only write our own articles. In fact, I have written quite a few, especially those relating to local tropical trees, and also Kuda kepang. Japan and South Korea would never have reached their level of technological development if they had not been willing to copy from the West. — PM Poon 19:23, 5 Julai 2006 (UTC)

che poon also the same malay pls......che 02:47, 6 Julai 2006 (UTC)

As you wish...

Erm... awak tukarkan rencana pilihan menjadi rencana bulanan? Jadi, apa gunanya rencana bulanan? Jangan pula kata ia kini adalah sama...

Apa-apapun, tentang warna tema tu, saya masih tak sempat... Saya nak siapkan dulu kerja yang tertangguh agar saya tak berhutang sebelum masa sibuk saya akan bermula. Harap maaf. — Polar 08:47, 8 Julai 2006 (UTC)

Thanks[sunting sumber]

Thanks for your word of encouragement, Alistair! I feel more motivated to contribute. =) Dekoelie 03:12, 10 Julai 2006 (UTC)

Cuti 2 minggu atau lebih[sunting sumber]

Dengan ini saya umumkan yang diri saya tidak akan hadir menyunting (mahupun menyelia) selama 2 minggu atau lebih disebabkan adanya hal penting. Harap maklum. — Alistair 阿力斯特伊儿 08:33, 10 Julai 2006 (UTC)

Selamat bercuti kepada anda, Alistair. Sebelum ini, saya yang cuti sekarang anda pula yang cuti lagi lama daripada saya. Kita sama-sama ada urusan penting di luar yang perlu diselesaikan. Jumpa anda lagi! - ...Didie!!!... 09:03, 10 Julai 2006 (UTC)

Alistair, anda masuk askara Cina yang saya tidak memahami. Tengoklah saya mengindiakan portal ini! &mdash PM Poon 18:12, 10 Julai 2006 (UTC)

Rencana Julius Caesar[sunting sumber]

Hai Alistair, saya amat gembira mendapat tahu bahawa anda memang tahu akan keutamaan anda, hehehe. Ingat anda terlalu mabuk Wikipedia, tapi kini nampak memang sober.

Ya, saya memang stressed out dalam percubaan untuk menghapuskan pautan merah daripada rencana Julius Caesar. Nampaknya tak berapa feasibel, hehehe. Dengan hanya lebih kurang 15,000 rencana dalam portal ini, pautan merah memang tidak dapat dielakkan. Setiap percubaan untuk menghapuskan satu pautan merah menambahkan bilangan pautan merah secara eksponen. Nasibnya pautan dalam rencana baru tidak perlu diambil kira, hehehe.

Bagaimanapun, selepas saya mencuba menghapuskan pautan merah, saya amat menyedari bahawa pautan merah ialah sesuatu yang tidak dapat dielakkan jika kita masih berada dalam Wikipedia Kelas 2. Terimalah saje, atau jangan tonjolkan apa-apa rencana pilihan. Jika kita hendak menonjolkan rencana pilihan, kita harus menerima kenyataan ini. (Satu cara lagi ialah untuk menipu, iaitu bagi setiap pautan merah, kita bubuhkan satu tanda titik bagi menghilangkan warna merah pautan itu, hehehe.) Tiada sebarang yang dapat membuat kita berasa malu sebab pautan merah memang akan wujud dari segi statistik.

Bagi saya, sejak awal lagi, saya memang tidak berasa apa-apa tentang pautan merah. Mungkin, saya cuma akan memilih beberapa rencana yang penting untuk menulis, berbanding mencuba menghapuskan semua pautan merah dalam rencana pilihan, iaitu satu percubaan yang seolah-olah mencuba menggilap arang, hehehe. — PM Poon 11:21, 12 Julai 2006 (UTC)

Satu idea yang paling baik untuk menghapuskan pautan merah tanpa berusaha telah terlepas perhatian saya. Ini memang merupakan satu idea yang amat kreatif, dan yang memerlukan pemikiran lateral seperti yang diperkenalkan oleh Edward de Bono, salah satu pemikir sezaman yang terutama di dunia ini, dan mungkin juga di alam baqa. Idea ini adalah begini: Kita tidak perlu mencipta sebarang pautan. Tanpa pautan, apa warna pun tak ada. Seperti yang dikatakan oleh Henry Ford, "semua warna adalah hitam", hehehe. — PM Poon 15:53, 12 Julai 2006 (UTC)

Rencana pilihan: Julius Caesar[sunting sumber]

Hi Alistair, you seem to have the skill to spot articles that do not show up any red links when displayed on Laman Utama. Where'd you get all this skill from? Care to let me in on the secret? hehehe. — PM Poon 18:26, 14 Julai 2006 (UTC)

Templat:Infobox Country[sunting sumber]

Don't get what I mean? Just trying to be esoteric, that's all! Was just trying to tell you that I have removed all the red links from the opening paragraphs of Julius Caesar.

Is Templat:Infobox Country nicer looking? LOL. I thought Templat:Negeri is nicer. For one, I didn't even realize that Templat:Infobox Country exist! If I did, I would just have modified that. As you can see, the wordings are leaning against the border. In layouts, this creates "awkwardness". The only reason I presume Wikipedia bahasa Inggeris doesn't bother is because HTML has not been able to solve the problem, and so this has to be corrected manually, which means very much more work. Second, there is no color to it. But I do agree that Templat:Infobox Country is more complete. — PM Poon 10:40, 15 Julai 2006 (UTC)

Terima kasih[sunting sumber]

Thanks for the welcome... I've added a note to my user page. I expect that I won't do much here in the near future, but if you ever have the need for someone with knowledge of water and sanitation or appropriate technology, I would be glad to assist.

I'm hoping to help get the English language articles to a sufficient standard that they're ready to translate into other languages. Maybe some time next year we can start to look at translations. Possibly there can be some cooperation between the Malaysian and Indo Wikipedias when it comes to translating from English - I figure that a good translation in Indonesian in the Malaysian Wikipedia is better than nothing, as a starting point, and vice versa. Anyway, that's still way off in the future. --Singkong2005 13:19, 17 Julai 2006 (UTC)

Republik Rom[sunting sumber]

Alamak, terpijak rencana Republik Rom! Banyak dalam ohhh! Panjang rencana itu sama dengan sekurang-kurang empat lima buah rencana biasa! Bukan untuk diterjemahkan orang! Kini bertenggang dengan Sejarah Republik Rom yang diasingkan daripada rencana utama kerana terlalu panjang. Hampir 10 inci! — PM Poon 14:43, 18 Julai 2006 (UTC)

Perang Macedonia atau Perang Macedon[sunting sumber]

Hai Alistair, saya amat keliru. Jika negara bernama Macedon, perang dipanggil Perang Macedon atau Perang Macedonia? — PM Poon 17:56, 19 Julai 2006 (UTC)

Jawapan saya[sunting sumber]

Hai Alistair, glad to hear from you after a long break. Kamus Dewan Bahasa is down again, so I guess I better write in English as I am having a hard time referring to the printed dictionary.

For the article, Roman Republic, it refers to "Philip V of Macedon", but "the Macedonian Wars". So do I say "Philip V dari Macedonia" or "Philip V dari Macedon"?

As for your French class, I personally think that you should have gone to the cybercafe or use your college's computer to register. As you know, ASSUME makes an ASS of U and ME (ASS-U-ME). Still, I believe all is not lost.

Donald Trump was trying to buy a piece of very valuable property in America (I honestly forget which city it was... New York or Manhattan or where?). The owner refused to sell because the property was inherited for many generations. Trump did not give up despite repeated failure to get the owner to sell. Finally, he told the owner that he just wanted to buy the airspace above his building to build a skyscaper. The owner asked whether it was possible, and he said his engineers had said yes. And so the owner agreed. But as time drags on, the owner was informed that this was not possible, and that a second alternative was created, ie. a portion of the ground floor would be allocated to him. He agreed.

According to Trump, the trick was to get the owner to agree to the initial impossible proposal, and once his mind is drawn into the project, the next step is to veer him to the intended objective. No wonder Trump is a billionaire. Similarly for you, you can talk to your lectuer that you will just sit in for another 3 classes to see if anyone drops out. If there is none, you may still be able to continue with your classes since the figure of 25 was not created by God. The point is for you to break your lecturer's self-imposed restriction first.

As for fairness, I have reached an age where I don't believe that there is fairness in this world anymore. The point is for one to consider whether to join the unfairness and make sure it works to one's favour, or to dissociate oneself completely from it altogether. I have chosen the latter, as my principles do not allow me to do what I know I ought to be doing to be a more worldly successful person in life. If you want to be a worldly successful person, forget about fairness altogether. Eradicate it from your mind, and concentrate on working out how unfairness can work to your favour, hehehe.

(P/S: I just found out that Polar and you send me an email last month! I am very, very sorry, as I was checking the other email for Polar's mail as he did tell me that he will write. I will write to both of you as soon as Kamus Dewan is up, lol) — PM Poon 03:45, 21 Julai 2006 (UTC)

Penamatan cuti dan makluman semasa mengenai diri saya[sunting sumber]

Dengan ini saya istiharkan bahawa cuti 2 minggu yang saya letakkan tamat (2 hari lebih awal seperti yang terjadual) akan tetapi penglibatan saya di Wikipedia akan berkurangan serta-merta atas sebab kini munculnya beberapa komitmen lain disebabkan permulaan semester baru sebagai seorang pelajar undang-undang ijazah sarjana muda. Oleh ini, saya akan cepat menghabiskan projek bukan undang-undang (termasuk kepenyeliaan) saya di sini dan mulai menfokus kepada perkara pokok sumbangan saya di sini iaitu berkait perihal undang-undang sahaja. Saya juga tidak akan memulai apa-apa lagi projek penyeliaan sehinggalah tamat semester, tetapi tugas saya sebagai seorang penyelia biasa (seperti mengawal laku musnah dan menyambut pengguna baru) masih akan berjalan seperti biasa di samping komitmen saya pada Hari ulang tahun pilihan. Harap maklum. — Alistair 阿力斯特伊儿 09:00, 22 Julai 2006 (UTC)

Status rasmi saya di laman pengguna saya kini akan mencerminkan keadaan ini dengan gelaran kurang aktif. — Alistair 阿力斯特伊儿 09:01, 22 Julai 2006 (UTC)

Saya memang menyokong 150% kalau anda dapat memberikan sumbangan bahasa melayu dari segi undang-undang...memang kita ni buta undang2..(@tak kisah??) che 04:38, 23 Julai 2006 (UTC)

Hai..alistair..Saya dah letakkan undang-undang dan ubah suntingan di dalam Portal Sains. Harap akan membantu menambahkan lagi artikel undang-undang..(kalau boleh portal undang-undang) dalam wikipedia melayu ini...che 02:57, 4 Ogos 2006 (UTC)

Mengenai Kojek501[sunting sumber]

Terima kasih kerana memadam rencana yang direka oleh pengguna Kojek501.

Saya rasa pengguna ini harus dinasihatkan supaya tidak lagi menulis rencana yang berkaitan dengan kumpulan Black Metalnya kerana pertama, saya rasa saudara Kojek hanya ingin mempromosikan kumpulannya dan kedua, Wikipedia (terutama sekali Wikipedia BM) tidak seharunya menjadi platfom untuk mempromosi budaya Black Metal. (Mungkin anda boleh memberitahunya menerusi laman perbincangannya?)

Mungkin pendapat saya melanggar prinsip NPOV tetapi saya tetap dengan pandangan bahawa Wikipedia BM tidak seharusnya menjadi salah satu sumber pengetahuan untuk budaya hitam ini. You know how impressionable children are nowadays and we don't want the day to come when one of them will say, "Mak, saya belajar pasal Black Metal dari Wikipedia!". Mungkin kita boleh mengenalkan peraturan baru di mana rencana yang dianggap bercanggah dengan budaya ketimuran kita dipertimbangkan untuk dipadam, tetapi usulan ini harus melalui perbincangan yang mendalam dari para penyumbang kerana ia sangat debatable.

Saya pun ingin meminta maaf kerana tidak begitu aktif pada masa ini kerana terlalu sibuk dengan pekerjaan. Namun saya harap anda dan para penyumbang yang lain terus bergiat dengan kerja baik membangunkan ensiklopedia bebas ini. Dekoelie 14:10, 6 Ogos 2006 (UTC)

Hai Alistair! Saya telah memulihkan laman pengguna anda daripada contengan pelaku musnah dan saya syaki pengguna itu ialah Pengguna:Kojek501 (tidak begitu pasti kerana pelaku musnah itu tidak berdaftar. Apa pun saya telah menyekat pengguna itu daripada menyunting. Kalau nak tahu lebih lanjut tentang kerosakan yang dibuatnya, lihat sejarah laman pengguna anda. — Master2841 18:06, 7 Ogos 2006 (UTC)

Masyarakat maya Wikipedia seakan-akan masyarakat benar di dunia. Terdapat berbagai-bagai jenis orang di dunia. Ada yang menyumbang kepada masyarakat (penyumbang Wikipedia), ada yang cuma menerima bantuan (pembaca Wikipedia yang tidak menyumbang), dan ada juga yang merupakan penjenayah (pelaku musnah Wikipedia). Pelaku musnah juga akan menerima "pala" mereka yang wajar pada satu hari nanti, mungkin bukan di Wikipedia sini, tetapi tetap menerima. Ini adalah Hukum Sebab Dan Kesan, hehehe. — PM Poon 22:12, 7 Ogos 2006 (UTC)

Hoi kenapa kamu tuduh saya padam laman pengguna alistair???? ada buktikah???? kamu tuduh tak da bukti. ehhh geramnya!!!!!!!!!

Terima kasih semua terutama kepada Master2841 kerana membantu memulihkan laman pengguna saya daripada pelaku musnah berkenaan. Saya juga berkongsi syak Master2841 terhadap Kojek501. Tulisan terbarunya di atas pada firasat saya merupakan satu tacit admission of guilt.

Berkenaan perbincangan saya dengan Dekoelie, tunggulah pembentangan saya yang akan dibuat di Kedai Kopi nanti. — Alistaire 03:27, 9 Ogos 2006 (UTC)

saya setuju buang aje budak kojek ni...kalau jumpa artikel macam ni kita terus halang...che 17:55, 9 Ogos 2006 (UTC)

Hai Alistair,
Saya telah menukar label seperti yang anda minta, tetapi untuk pautan, saya lupa mana letaknya. Saya sedang mencari sumber pautannya, tetapi memerlukan masa kerana saya agak sibuk kini. Harap bersabar buat sementara. Jikalau tidak silap saya, ia terletak pada fail sumber yang perlu di upload. Masih mencari. (YosrYosri 05:46, 9 Ogos 2006 (UTC)

Hai.[sunting sumber]

Hai Alistair. Mungkin anda belum sedar lagi kerana anda sibuk tetapi laman anda telah disalah laku (orang yang menggelarkan dirinya euronymous yang kononnya ketua black metal sedunia atau Pemusnah Islam). Harap anda berjaga-jaga atau kalau boleh, lindungilah ia. Kini, kita sama-sama kurang aktif dengan kesibukan masing-masing. Harap portal ini tetap berjalan dengan baik juga. Salam... — Polar 06:33, 9 Ogos 2006 (UTC)

Oh ya, orang yang melakukannya adalah orang yang sama menyunting laman pengguna kojek tu.

Tentang Kojek[sunting sumber]

Hai Alistair, saya ingin beritahu anda bahawa anda terus serta-merta sekat pengguna nama kojek tu, bukan pada alamat IPnya. Ini kerana pada komputer yang dia gunakan dia boleh menukar alamat IPnya pada komputernya dengan butang repair pada internet connection. Jadi, tak payah teragak-agak untuk sekat namanya sendiri, ingat, bukan alamat IPnya. — Silverman 12:53, 9 Ogos 2006 (UTC)

Terima Ksih Kerana menyekatkan nama saya.Padahal saya takde kena-mengena 04:11, 13 Ogos 2006 (UTC)Pengguna:Kojek501

Stare decisis[sunting sumber]

Stare decisis, atau stare decisively? hehehe. Lama tak bagi perutusan. Lu ala khabar? — PM Poon 07:31, 11 Ogos 2006 (UTC)

Rencana pilihan[sunting sumber]

Hmm.... Dah nak sampai dua minggu rencana pilihan JK Rowling dipaparkan. Gantikanlah rencana pilihan lain pula. By the way, siapa yang selalu sunting rencana peristiwa hari ini, tahukah anda dan gambar pilihan? Rajin betul, setiap kali saya pergi ke sili melalui laman utama mesti rencana peristiwa hari ini ditukar! — Silverman 08:20, 11 Ogos 2006 (UTC)

Rancangan mengebom pesawat rentasan atlantik 2006[sunting sumber]

OK! Sebenarnya, saya tidak mempunyai banyak rencana nak menterjemahkan sekarang, hehehe. Kini cuma buat sedikit-sedikit rencana yang diperoleh daripada Halaman rawak. — PM Poon 08:37, 11 Ogos 2006 (UTC)

Boleh minta tolong[sunting sumber]

Hi alistair! boleh tak terjemahkan artikel Resolusi Majlis Keselamatan PBB.tq. che 03:13, 14 Ogos 2006 (UTC)

Pertolongan[sunting sumber]

Hai Alistair, bolehkah anda terjemahkan rencana abjad arab yang saya buatkan? Jangan lupa reply. Lagi satu, tengok-tengoklah sikit kalau ada sebarang typo. — Silverman 00:41, 15 Ogos 2006 (UTC)

Alistair, saya cakap baik-baik ni. Tolonglah terjemahkan rencana saya iaitu abjad arab. — Emrrans 00:59, 15 Ogos 2006 (UTC)

Saya tarik diri untuk menjadi duta Wikipedia[sunting sumber]

Hai Alistair, saya ingin menarik diri dari menjadi duta Wikipedia kerana saya semakin tidak aktif di sini. jadi, anda boleh serahkan jawatan saya sebagai duta kepada orang lain. Harap maaf, segala kesulitan amat dikesali. — Emrrans 01:34, 15 Ogos 2006 (UTC)

Undian usercheck[sunting sumber]

Anda dijemput untuk memilih siapa yang layak menjadi usercheck. Sila sertai di Wikipedia:Kedai Kopi. - Didie 14:04, 21 Ogos 2006 (UTC)

Yo![sunting sumber]

Yo Alistair, anda kembali! Adakah anda masih sibuk? Saya harap anda sihat wal afiat. Alistair, sila lihat perbualan saya yang terkini di Wikipedia:Kedai Kopi. — Lokey3310 16:57, 24 Ogos 2006 (UTC)

Rencana Merdeka dan Kemerdekaan[sunting sumber]

Hai Alistair, adakah "merdeka" dan "kemerdekaan" sama maksudnya? Jika sama, bolehkah anda cuba menggabungkan kedua-dua rencana ini? — PM Poon 17:27, 28 Ogos 2006 (UTC)

saya pun rasa begitu..che 19:38, 28 Ogos 2006 (UTC)

Hai Alistair, saya bersetuju dengan anda bahawa rencana itu tidak perlu digabungkan. Bagaimanapun bagi Wikipedia bahasa Inggeris, tajuk Merdeka tidak akan mengakibatkan sebarang kekeliruan kerana perkataan ini adalah perkataan asing bagi mereka.

Sebaliknya, merdeka adalah perkataan Melayu yang mempunyai maksud yang sama dengan kemerdekaan. Oleh itu, kekeliruan pasti akan timbul. Seperti yang anda selalu mengatakan, kita tidak boleh buta-buta meniru Wikipedia bahasa Inggeris kerana keadaan kekadang berbeza. Jika merdeka adalah bahasa India atau bahasa lain, memang kita boleh menurut Wikipedia bahasa Inggeris. "Malangnya", perkataan merdeka adalah bahasa Melayu yang merupakan bahasa kerja untuk Wikipedia bahasa Melayu.

Saya berasa jika kita tidak hendak menggabungkan kedua-dua rencana, tajuk rencana Merdeka harus diubah untuk mengelakkan kekeliruan; umpamanya "Merdeka dalam konteks Malaysia dan Indonesia".

(P/S: Sebenarnya, merdeka kini dianggap oleh Dewan Bahasa sebagai suatu adjektif, manakala kemerdekaan ialah kata nama. Wikipedia tidak menyokong penggunaan adjektif sebagai judul rencana, kecuali dalam kes-kes yang khas.) — PM Poon 22:11, 29 Ogos 2006 (UTC)