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Semoga anda menikmati kunjungan anda di Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu. Selamat menyumbang! ...Aurora... (b) 03:12, 17 September 2010 (UTC)[balas]

Help change license via bot?[sunting sumber]

Thank you for the offers. Those images was originally uploaded under Creative Commons licenses 2 / 2.5 non commercial. I have no desire to change the licensing.
Regards Yosri (bincang) 01:26, 28 September 2010 (UTC)[balas]

Ok. It's fine. Thank for your assistant, otherwise it will take me longer to manually updates all the images.
Regards Yosri (bincang) 01:48, 29 September 2010 (UTC)[balas]

Please recheck again. It should be done by now except for 2 files which were being locked. Zamwan (bincang) 05:01, 29 September 2010 (UTC)[balas]

Thank you. Yes only 3 files left now :-) --MGA73 (bincang) 16:05, 29 September 2010 (UTC)[balas]

Well... Actually, yes. It would be easier if the tag image is unused image. Otherwise, I check manually each one. Yosri (bincang) 10:37, 16 Januari 2011 (UTC)[balas]
A better quality pic is prefered to keep, not bother by name, only for image with no file linked to. Yosri (bincang) 11:02, 16 Januari 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Dear MGA73,
I decided to take up your offer of coupling cc-by-nc-2.0 with GFDL with "migration=opt-out". I would appreciate if you can assist with the required tagging. I do not wish to spend much time on this already, but wish to continue developing MS Wiki with the time available.
Regards Yosri (bincang) 11:04, 3 Mac 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Thank you in advance for your assistance. I wish it to be dual license. I also do not have any objection to move those images to commons. Yosri (bincang) 22:00, 3 Mac 2011 (UTC)[balas]
Ok. I'm working on the files now. --MGA73 (bincang) 17:41, 4 Mac 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Just a question. These images that you transferred, why does the licensing at Commons says.. "Yosri at lb.wikipedia"? ...Aurora... (b) 15:37, 7 Mei 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Because I made a mistake... :-( I changed an old script but forgot to change to ms.wikipedia... I will fix that at once. --MGA73 (bincang) 16:06, 7 Mei 2011 (UTC)[balas]

After I found an image like let me run some checks first. It was tagged as no license, yet it was given in the text and upload as GFDL. Zscout370 (bincang) 13:56, 4 Mei 2011 (UTC)[balas]

I have searched for files with the text "cc" or "gfdl" but there were no good hits. I hope the admins check before they delete. I noticed that some of the files were added to articles and therefore no longer unused. --MGA73 (bincang) 15:05, 4 Mei 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Actually those images was unsuccessfully attached to those article earlier. I just rectified the format. Yosri (bincang) 15:05, 4 Mei 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Oh I see. In that case it is a good idea to check an extra time before deleting the files. --MGA73 (bincang) 15:13, 4 Mei 2011 (UTC)[balas]
I doubt you would be able to identify them since they are in Malay. Some of it is the layout problem, but tracking the error take some doing. It take me 3 times to track this small error Yosri (bincang) 15:21, 4 Mei 2011 (UTC)[balas]
Yes it will take some time. One trick is to check the edits made by the uploader just after the file was uploaded. I do not expect the files to be deleted "today". My hope was that a few local admins would take some files every day and delete the bad ones and save the good ones. And after some time they are all fixed. --MGA73 (bincang) 15:36, 4 Mei 2011 (UTC)[balas]
Batang Teratai is own work. I was using a trial software that combine photos to increase dpi to doible, with watermark on images generated. I can easily removed it using paint but decide to respect the trial software. Yosri (bincang) 22:42, 5 Mei 2011 (UTC)[balas]
Thank you. Fixed on Commons. --MGA73 (bincang) 17:45, 6 Mei 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Unused files nominated for deletion[sunting sumber]

Looks like the images nominated for deletions are those which are made available at Commons. However, it will take time to change the extensions of those images in their respective article edits. Anyway, thanks for the notification. - Hezery99 (bincang) 03:20, 5 Mei 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Thank you for the reply. I answered on your talk page. -MGA73 (bincang) 09:19, 5 Mei 2011 (UTC)[balas]
You're right. Seems like those files are no longer linked with the articles where they used to refer. It that's the case, then we can simply continue with the deletion, as the images are no longer used. - Hezery99 (bincang) 12:45, 5 Mei 2011 (UTC)[balas]
Thank you. Then we just need an admin to delete them :-) --MGA73 (bincang) 17:45, 6 Mei 2011 (UTC)[balas]

I would run the orphan checker again. My finals are done and been working on a lot of images now. Zscout370 (bincang) 06:47, 6 Mei 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Cool. Orphan fair use are now nominated for deletion :-) --MGA73 (bincang) 18:29, 7 Mei 2011 (UTC)[balas]

The picture is mine and I dont see why it need to be removed. I relicense it to GFDL under duress, and is second licenses. It's up for the user who want to use it, either with long GFDL attribution OR fair use without GFDL tag. Yosri (bincang) 11:33, 18 Mei 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Reply on your talk page. --MGA73 (bincang) 16:09, 18 Mei 2011 (UTC)[balas]
It is already (also) licensed under GFDL. For commercial and Wikipedia use its GFDL, personal web who want to copy it can use it under fair use as far as Im concern. Thank you. Yosri (bincang) 22:53, 18 Mei 2011 (UTC)[balas]
Hi there!
Just want to cautious you, although I allow GFDL, some picture may not be suitable for common. This is because common do not allow derivative picture. Any picture with commercial logo is usually not accepted there and usually deleted. You might want to keep those in ms.
Regards. Yosri (bincang) 23:33, 25 Mei 2011 (UTC)[balas]
Thank you for the tip :-) Yes I know about the problems with derivative works and I check every file before I move them to Commons. If the logo is small then en:de minimis may apply. Ms-wiki allows fair use so if there are problems then the file could be changed to fair use on ms-wiki. --MGA73 (bincang) 14:38, 26 Mei 2011 (UTC)[balas]
Hi. Regarding derivative picture, I notice some picture with prominent logo is being kept there, especially western product. Any reason it was maintained, as my picture was deleted as derivative? I did keep track 3 of them just to see how long it take for common to removed it, but there is a lot more like it. Yosri (bincang) 23:26, 4 Jun 2011 (UTC)[balas]
Users are human so that could explain why there is sometimes different opinions about logos and derivative works. If the logo is "just text" it will most likely be kept. If the logo is only a small part of the picture then it will most likely be kept. I try to avoid to move files to Commons that are "problematic". Unless logos is important it is best to avoid them on the photos. If they are important the file should probably be fair use. --MGA73 (bincang) 19:21, 5 Jun 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Copyright[sunting sumber]

Hi there, Sorry for late reply. It's because I'm on mobile device a lot, it is difficult to give long reply, but great fo revert vandal. All my files that has been released under CC 2.0 can be relicense to 3.0 (attribution required by default, I persume.) & GFDL. For files where license is not stated, use GFDL. Sorry, no new files. Yosri (bincang) 03:27, 11 Jun 2011 (UTC)[balas]

re:Fail:Peta Kecamatan Tinggi Raja Kabupaten Asahan.png and other maps[sunting sumber]

Hi, Mr. MGA!

I use the license because it did not get a free license. Besides from the source site is not listed on the excessive use of copyright that I value quite safe. In WBI also I use the same license at the moment and it seems we agree to approve it. Sorry if my language is less precise because it uses the Google translation translate. Sincerely. Wagino 20100516 (bincang) 00:57, 9 Ogos 2011 (UTC)[balas]

It is not the best solution I think. I'll ask others if they have any ideas. Thank you. --MGA73 (bincang) 20:22, 10 Ogos 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Re:Fail:UGM.jpg[sunting sumber]

Hi, you can now delete File:UGM.jpg. I'll replace it with a Commons file (File:Gadjah Mada HeadOffice.jpg). Thx! Farras (bincang) 17:13, 10 Ogos 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Done. Thank you. --MGA73 (bincang) 20:21, 10 Ogos 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Licensing[sunting sumber]

What is the licensing used for Yosri (bincang) 22:29, 17 Ogos 2011 (UTC)[balas]

The license is GFDL and it was changed in the license migration project to also include cc-by-sa-3.0. However, this file may also be a derivative work because of the drawing on the box. --MGA73 (bincang) 09:33, 18 Ogos 2011 (UTC)[balas]

kategori:Imej Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0[sunting sumber]

I'm not sure what you want to clarify on the above, but I agreed to release those picture under GLDF. I don't see why it should be deleted even if unused, unless duplicate in common. Yosri (bincang) 23:52, 23 Ogos 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Replied on your talk page. --MGA73 (bincang) 05:49, 24 Ogos 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Upload to Commons?[sunting sumber]

Can you check whether it:File:Yukienakama-bw.jpg is free? And transfer it to Commons if so. Thanks. ...Aurora... (b) 09:24, 6 September 2011 (UTC)[balas]

I just checked the file on en-wiki where it originally came from. It was deleted there as a copyvio so we can not move it to Commons. I tagged the file for deletion on it-wiki. --MGA73 (bincang) 11:52, 6 September 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Delete @[sunting sumber]

File:King.of.Malaysia.jpg comes via I presume it will to be deleted there too? ...Aurora... (b) 09:15, 8 September 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Yes file should be deleted on en-wiki also. Will fix that later. --MGA73 (bincang) 11:41, 8 September 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Fail:Masjid Muhammadi Kota Bharu.jpg[sunting sumber]

I do think conditional free is allowed at local wiki, althought not at common. Yosri (bincang) 18:15, 12 Oktober 2011 (UTC)[balas]

The foundation has desided that 2 sorts of files are allowed on Wikipedia: Free files and fair use. I have not seen a resolution allowing other files. So the file should either be 100 % free or live up to the requirements of fair use. This is a building so it should be possible to create a free file and that makes fair use invalid. Therefore I think that the file should be relicensed or deleted. --MGA73 (bincang) 20:20, 12 Oktober 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Gambar sendiri ambil[sunting sumber]

Salahkah saya masukkan gambar yang saya ambil sendiri, walaupun kurang specificationnya Malekhanif (bincang) 14:47, 3 November 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Hi and thank you for your notice. It is best always to add "Own work" or something like that. In 10 years we may not be around and then there is no way to know it is own work unless you write it on the file page. And there should ofcourse always be a license. --MGA73 (bincang) 20:15, 3 November 2011 (UTC)[balas]

I noticed you deleted quite a number of "unusued" files. However, quite a few of them are actually used. E.g.

  1. Fail:Lencana smstsp.jpg @ Sekolah Menengah Sains Tuanku Syed Putra,
  2. Fail:Oxfordcrest.png @ Universiti Oxford
  3. Fail:Mrsm langkawi.jpg @ Maktab Rendah Sains MARA Langkawi
  4. Fail:Peroduamyvi.jpg @ Perodua MyVi
  5. Fail:KaripapPusing.jpg @ Karipap

There're more. Please double check. Not sure why they showed up at Khas:UnusedImages though. ...Aurora... (b) 15:39, 3 November 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Damn... That is so annoing... But thank you for letting me know... I'll check... Fair use files should be restored. But if they do not have a license they should probably be deleted anyway. --MGA73 (bincang) 19:28, 3 November 2011 (UTC)[balas]
I restored them all. When "What links here" does not work there is no esay way of telling if the file was used. --MGA73 (bincang) 19:44, 3 November 2011 (UTC)[balas]
Yeah, thanks. ...Aurora... (b) 14:55, 4 November 2011 (UTC)[balas]
Regarding your message. Sorry, I have only limited mobile phone access currently. Yosri (bincang) 18:21, 21 November 2011 (UTC)[balas]

Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa[sunting sumber]

Sila bertutur dalam Bahasa Melayu kerana anda merupakan ahli WBM atau sila dutakan diri di Kedutaan. Terima kasih.

Please ignore. Regards. Yosri (bincang) 07:33, 25 November 2011 (UTC)[balas]

MGA73bot[sunting sumber]

Hello, Mr. MGA!

Why do you not ask for bot status to MGA73bot editorial that the results do not meet the recent changes page. Thanks and regards. Wagino 20100516 (bincang) 17:25, 21 Januari 2012 (UTC)[balas]

Hi Wagino 20100516!
Good question so I stopped the bot. As you can see above I have run my bot here before and at that time it was decided that it was best if the bot did not have a bot flag. Perhaps this time a flag is better? I'll ask. --MGA73 (bincang) 17:49, 21 Januari 2012 (UTC)[balas]
Hopefully bureaucrats here can agree on granting the status of your bot. Again, thanks for your positive answer. Cheers. Wagino 20100516 (bincang) 18:41, 21 Januari 2012 (UTC)[balas]

Temporary adminship[sunting sumber]

Hi MGA73,
Just wondering whether you still need the sysop bit. It's been 9 months. ...Aurora... (b) 08:06, 1 Mac 2012 (UTC)[balas]

I'll have a quich look around and see how many files is left... Sorry about the late reply. --MGA73 (bincang) 15:10, 21 Mac 2012 (UTC)[balas]
Reply on your talk page. --MGA73 (bincang) 15:38, 21 Mac 2012 (UTC)[balas]

It's just I noticed you've been away for some time so I asked. I'll take a look at those things you mentioned, but I'm too quite busy with other things now.
The images in "Kategori:Imej yang tidak diketahui status hakcipta" will ultimately be deleted if they can't/too hard to be fixed. ...Aurora... (b) 14:12, 22 Mac 2012 (UTC)[balas]

The Deepset is the same group. I'm at mobile difficult to fix. (Difficult to copy text). Sorry. Yosri (bincang) 12:15, 6 Mei 2012 (UTC)[balas]

Thank you :-) --MGA73 (bincang) 18:08, 6 Mei 2012 (UTC)[balas]
Not a problem. I should be the one who thanking you for your assistants.Yosri (bincang) 18:13, 6 Mei 2012 (UTC)[balas]
In that case: You are welcome - I'm happy I could find free files :-D --MGA73 (bincang) 18:14, 6 Mei 2012 (UTC)[balas]
Seems like Yosri already answered it. :) --Kurnia [ bual ] 09:39, 7 Mei 2012 (UTC)[balas]
Thank you for cleaning up as I do not have resource to reviewed all those images. Regarding some foto copied from en: sometime there is slight name variation due to my pc unable to accepted tha saved name or capital letter ie. File:Waves reflecting from a curved mirror.PNG. Yosri (bincang) 22:52, 9 Ogos 2012 (UTC)[balas]
Glad to help :-) Yes I asumed that the file just had another name. It takes more time to find the original if the name is different. That is why I just changed the template to ?????? to indicate that we still needed to find the original file. --MGA73 (bincang) 07:42, 10 Ogos 2012 (UTC)[balas]

Old artworks[sunting sumber]

Question. For foto of old art works ie. Elephant mathura? ? wasnt it a PD? Yosri (bincang) 22:56, 9 Ogos 2012 (UTC)[balas]

The Fail:Elephant mathura.jpg is a photo of an old art work. The work itself is PD-old and if it was 2D we could use PD-art. But it is 3D so the photograph is also copyrighted and it is not PD unless the photo was taken very long time ago (like if the photographer died more than 70 yrs ago) or if photographer gave permission. --MGA73 (bincang) 07:55, 10 Ogos 2012 (UTC)[balas]

Most of the problem images files was uploaded a long time ago, probably before the change in policy or before the uploader became aware of it. Regards. Yosri (bincang) 20:47, 10 Ogos 2012 (UTC)[balas]

Yes I noticed that it is only the very old files there are problems with. We should just try to find some new and free files to replace the old ones. --MGA73 (bincang) 20:48, 10 Ogos 2012 (UTC)[balas]
Well! Yes, it's only I personally do not have resource to do that and since my pc is out of action, I focus on translating text. Office PC have firewall which make image search diff. Text translation can be done offline and then pasted later. Now I using 7 inch tablet to admin, easy to roolback but notorious for other usage. So sorry for not being able to help much in that aense. Yosri (bincang) 21:12, 10 Ogos 2012 (UTC)[balas]
No problem. I can easily check the few files you have without a license. You can always come to the rescue if an angry mob is on my talk page :-D --MGA73 (bincang) 13:59, 11 Ogos 2012 (UTC)[balas]
:) I remember posting some strong words earlier when a few of my image was removed. Mostly because I was not being informed of the action taken, not so much of the deletions. Thank you for your forebearance.Yosri (bincang) 14:06, 11 Ogos 2012 (UTC)[balas]

Saya rasa jika anda rasa gambar yang saya masukkan tidak tepat, anda bolehlah delete saja. Malekhanif (bincang) 04:41, 15 Ogos 2012 (UTC)[balas]

I would have hoped for a little more help. --MGA73 (bincang) 16:50, 15 Ogos 2012 (UTC)[balas]

Thank you for help us in this wiki to delete about non-licence image.--Aplikasi (Bincang) 09:21, 11 Mac 2013 (UTC)[balas]

You are welcome. I noticed that a lot have happend lately so it is nice to see how much work have been done :-D --MGA73 (bincang) 09:23, 11 Mac 2013 (UTC)[balas]

Did you can speak in Malay? because I see Malekhanif wrote in Malay in this talk page.--Aplikasi (Bincang) 09:26, 11 Mac 2013 (UTC)[balas]

No I have to use google translate and ask local users if the translated text does not make sense. Malekhanif failed to add a valid license to many of the uploaded files and some of the files that was uploaded as "own work" turned out to be "own modifications of a file found on the Internet" so Malekhanif was asked to check all the files and make sure that "own work" was truely own work and had a valid license. --MGA73 (bincang) 09:32, 11 Mac 2013 (UTC)[balas]
Okay, now I know you used google translate. It's okay. But, actually I fewer know about the licence. Many types of image I used Pengiktirafan-Perkongsian Serupa 3.0 Unported Creative Commons licence to upload the image. I'm sorry because I didn't really know about licence category.--Aplikasi (Bincang) 09:36, 11 Mac 2013 (UTC)[balas]
If only ms-wiki have had a few admins (or users) long ago that knew much about copyright (plus time to fix problems and help other users) then things would have been much easier. Because then there would be a much bigger chance that 1) the files that was uploaded would have had a source and a valid license and 2) the bad files would have been deleted shortly after upload. That would have made the amount of files to check and fix much smaller.
When I first came here you could still chose non-valid license templates when you uploaded files and there were thousands of files without a license and there were no good help pages with information about license policies (free files and fair use). And I do not speak the local language so it is really hard for me to help and explain to the local users what the problem is. And the admins had more than enough to do so they had very little time to translate and help the clean up process.
But I hope that most of the basic work (policies in place, help pages created, upload form correct, license templates valid, warning templates created) have been done so that it is mostely informing active users to add a license and check and delete (or fix) the files that is not ok (yet).
Perhaps you could check if new users have a chance to read and understand which files are ok and what to do to make sure they are accepted on ms-wiki? --MGA73 (bincang) 09:54, 11 Mac 2013 (UTC)[balas]
I will try to check the image if the new users upload the image.--Aplikasi (Bincang) 10:00, 11 Mac 2013 (UTC)[balas]
That is good :-)
If you or someone else have time it would be good if you could check:
  • Is the upload form good?
    • Does it suggest that user uploads free files to Commons and non-free to
    • Does it have a link to a help page?
    • Does it have the relevant license choises?
    • Does it tell users to fill out source, author, license etc.?
  • Is there a good help page?
    • Does it tell when a file is free? When it is non-free? And when files are not ok for Commons or
    • Does it tell users how to fill out source, author, license etc.?
  • Is the image policy page(s) clear and undestandable?
  • Does have the (most) relevant license templates?
    • And are the non-free license templates etc. clear enough? Do they have a link to a non-free policy somewhere?
  • Does have the (most) relevant image related warning templates (no license, no source, no permission etc.)?
    • And are the warnings informative? Have a good text? Relevant links?
  • Is there a complete category or help page or similar so that it is possible to find all relevant license templates, warning templates etc?
The best would perhaps be to find a new user or someone who does not know about copyright and ask them if they think it is easy to upload files and if they upload bad files then ask them what should be changed so that they would have a better chance to find out that something is wrong.
But if we do not have that then a good test could be to pretend to be a new user and try to upload a test image to see what it looks like. Would it be possible to find the help needed to upload a file or is the instructions not helpfull enough. --MGA73 (bincang) 10:28, 11 Mac 2013 (UTC)[balas]
Sebarang arahan , penjelasan anda haruslah berikan dalam bahasa yang boleh difahami . Anda tidak bersikap adil dengan pengguna bahasa lain. Ego Malekhanif (bincang) 19:18, 15 Julai 2013 (UTC)[balas]
English: Sorry but I do not understand the language. I can only use google translation. If I or someone write you a message in a language you do not understand (well) you can always ask another user if he/she can help you translate.
Google translation: Maaf tetapi saya tidak faham bahasa. Saya hanya boleh menggunakan penterjemahan google. Jika saya atau seseorang yang menulis anda mesej dalam bahasa yang anda tidak faham (baik), anda sentiasa boleh meminta pengguna lain jika dia / dia boleh membantu anda menterjemah.
--MGA73 (bincang) 10:31, 17 Julai 2013 (UTC).[balas]

Tindakan anda melebihi penguatkuasa undang-undang. Usaha sukarela saya sejak 2005-2013 sia-sia sahaja kerana anda terlalu angkuh , berlagak bagai pro. Setelah 8 tahun saya berusaha keras di ms , baru 2012 anda sibuk bagai superior.Malekhanif (bincang) 13:24, 19 Julai 2013 (UTC)[balas]

Reply on Perbincangan_pengguna:Malekhanif#Reply. --MGA73 (bincang) 08:48, 24 Julai 2013 (UTC)[balas]

Wikipedia:Penyelia/Pengundian/Arctic Kangaroo sebagai penyelia 6 Ogos 2013[sunting sumber]

Your name was mentioned in this RfA. ...Aurora... (b) 15:17, 9 Ogos 2013 (UTC)[balas]

Thank you for letting me know. --MGA73 (bincang) 08:10, 12 Ogos 2013 (UTC)[balas]

Re: Images[sunting sumber]

Hi MGA73, sorry for the late reply as I was busy with part of the national exam over today and yesterday. Let me think over everything first before I make a formal decision. I will be very busy, so may take a while. Just let the copy remain, but I hope you don't transfer any of my files (including future ones) to Commons, and also since your bot is manually operated based on what you said. It's not that I didn't learn anything new from this incident (about transfers to Commons), rather, this is just a request. BTW, I have read the AN thread at Commons. Cheers. (✉→Arctic Kangaroo←✎) 07:06, 16 Ogos 2013 (UTC)[balas]

Okay I'll not delete them now.
But please remember that both images and text on Wikipedia is under a free license so if you do not like to license your images freely what about text? Think about it :-)
--MGA73 (bincang) 20:05, 16 Ogos 2013 (UTC)[balas]
Before I make any decision, I hope to get this clear first. I was actually requesting you if you can agree to my request. That is, you keep the files here but you don't upload it to Commons. Because this images are just part of my commitment to, but bear in mind, it's just a request. Perhaps you want to give an answer on this first before I decide on the next step? And as for text, I'm getting impatient as people still do not understand what I feel about my text contribs. I have mentioned umpteen times that any licence (even copyright waived) is fine with me for text, since I write it for Wikipedia. But as for images, I don't take them for Wikipedia, so I tend to be more fussy. Cheers.
(✉→Arctic Kangaroo←✎) 10:57, 18 Ogos 2013 (UTC)[balas]
I only uploaded my images and reluctantly granted those licences as I really wanted to contribute something to But if the images are deleted here and/or moved to Commons, then I would definitely not be too happy, as I would be calling for deletion and, there goes my "commitment". (✉→Arctic Kangaroo←✎) 11:00, 18 Ogos 2013 (UTC)[balas]

BTW, do tell Liamdavies that anytime he can come to me and talk about licences or whatever, and perhaps teach me a thing or two about them. I just found out that he's an Aussie, and I tend to be more comfortable communicating with them. Those Aussies are rather friendly. Cheers. (✉→Arctic Kangaroo←✎) 11:07, 18 Ogos 2013 (UTC)[balas]

I have not bothered to read everything in this discussion so that is why I have not noticed what you have said about your text contributions. But I asume that you do know that even if you write a text for Wikipedia everyone may use it. So your text may end up in a commercial travel guide or text book somewhere.
As for your images I just moved them to Commons by an accident because I did not notice the request or was aware about the dispute on Commons. I do not plan to copy them to Commons because they are not welcome there at the moment. But if you license them under the CC-license everyone may copy them to Commons or use them on their website or on in a book. --MGA73 (bincang) 11:25, 18 Ogos 2013 (UTC)[balas]
Hi, Just to interject, can you list down a few good pages with comprehensive information about license policies (free files and fair use). I will try my best to translate them. (no promises.) Previously, the discussion on the license policies was ongoing that I do not bother to follow, and when it was finalised, I do not agreed to it, and kind of ignore it. But if you can give me a few good pages with information about license policies (free files and fair use), I will translate them for other user. I still do not agreed to the licensing, and not planning to do any massive upload of original pictures, but am willing to (try to) translate for the benefits of those who do. Yosri (bincang) 12:37, 18 Ogos 2013 (UTC)[balas]
Oh that was a tuff question. There a plenty of pages but to find one that is easy to understand is very hard.
I think the main document is the Licensing resolution of the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF).
Free files: To start with you could look on Commons:Commons:Licensing. If you want to translate it it you could add it to Commons:Commons:Licensing/ms. At the bottom of the page there is Commons:Template:Commons policies and guidelines with links to other pages.
Unfree files: Commons have a short page Commons:Commons:Fair use and has en:Wikipedia:Non-free content (should be same as Wikipedia:Kandungan tidak bebas).
You could also have a look on en:Wikipedia:Upload/old where there is a step by step guide to upload files.
Hope you find at least e few usefull things :-) --MGA73 (bincang) 08:00, 19 Ogos 2013 (UTC)[balas]

Re:Unused files SNN95[sunting sumber]


I just take a look from the page and I took a few pics to put in my articles.

So some of the pictures under my name that I didn't take, just delete it.

SNN95 02:26, 21 Ogos 2013 (UTC)[balas]

Thank you :-) --MGA73 (bincang) 13:58, 22 Ogos 2013 (UTC)[balas]

Arctic Kangaroo's images[sunting sumber]

There's a discussion on Wikipedia:Kedai Kopi (lain-lain)#Uploading of my images - "X rights reserved" about Arctic Kangaroo's images. Since you're the image & licensing expert here, perhaps you would like to comment. ...Aurora... (b) 08:16, 11 September 2013 (UTC)[balas]

Thank you for the promotion to expert :-) I commented. --MGA73 (bincang) 16:47, 11 September 2013 (UTC)[balas]

Happy New Year![sunting sumber]

Welcome 2015!!!
Hiya MGA73:
A new chapter has began and new thrilling excitement will come! Thanks for spending your days on contributing to this wonderful Wikipedia! Have a great year and Happy New Year 2015! --توفيق بينچڠ 16:04, 31 Disember 2014 (UTC)[balas]

Thank you توفيق. And a Happy New Year to you too. Here in Denmark it is still 7 hours before we are in 2015 :-) --MGA73 (bincang) 16:07, 31 Disember 2014 (UTC)[balas]
Hope you'll spend your new year well :P --توفيق بينچڠ 16:09, 31 Disember 2014 (UTC)[balas]

Hai MGA73, you are invited to vote Malaysiaboy as a new sysop in this Wikipedia. Click this page to vote.--Azim Melaka (bincang) 04:30, 4 Januari 2015 (UTC)[balas]

Status penyelia[sunting sumber]

Selamat sejahtera,

Pihak pentadbir telah mendapati saudara/i tidak lagi aktif dalam menjalankan tugas sebagai penyelia Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu. Mengikut polisi yang telah ditetapkan, anda boleh dicalonkan untuk dilucutkan tugas sebagai penyelia. Kami memberi anda tempoh SATU (1) minggu untuk memberi maklum balas atau pihak kami akan meneruskan dengan proses pelucutan kuasa seperti yang telah ditetapkan.

Harap maklum. - Polar (bincang) 02:02, 1 Julai 2017 (UTC)[balas]

Thank you. I'm no longer active so you can remove my admin rights. Good luck! --MGA73 (bincang) 13:05, 1 Julai 2017 (UTC)[balas]

Tinjauan Tatakelakuan Sejagat[sunting sumber]


Saya menjemput Anda untuk meluangkan masa 5-10 minit bagi mengisi tinjauan mengenai penguatkuasaan Tatakelakuan Sejagat (UCoC) pada projek dan komuniti Wikimedia yang berbahasa Melayu. Masa tinjauan akan berakhir pada 28 Februari 2021.

Selain itu, Anda juga dialu-alukan untuk memberikan komen, gagasan, atau pandangan peribadi dalam permohonan pendapat komuniti terkait UCoC di sini.

Terima kasih! RamzyM (WMF) (bincang) 08:32, 17 Februari 2021 (UTC)[balas]

Hello there. I think it is time to mass delete the files that listed in the categories you had mention in the talk page. I have waited so long for them to act accordingly. Thank you for your REALLY BIG contribution on this cleanup for the past couple years. SNN95 01:32, 11 Jun 2021 (UTC)[balas]

@SNN95: Yes I agree that we can't wait forever. So have fun! :-) --MGA73 (bincang) 06:01, 11 Jun 2021 (UTC)[balas]
@SNN95: There is also Kategori:Calon untuk penghapusan segera. I do not think that it was mentioned on that post. --MGA73 (bincang) 06:47, 11 Jun 2021 (UTC)[balas]
Ah that too... That is my best category (well... for sysops too) to use for mass deletion, so no worry for not mentioning it. I mean, what you already mentioned is already a top notch and easy for them to check rather than that category. SNN95 15:47, 11 Jun 2021 (UTC)[balas]
I forgot to mention here, I gave them three more days starting yesterday to recheck everything. SNN95 15:49, 11 Jun 2021 (UTC)[balas]
@SNN95: yeah it should not be a surprise that this category exist. Some files can probably be excluded like Special:Diff/5121515. It is covers so all they need is a license tag and a fair use rationale. I think it is okay to delete files now. --MGA73 (bincang) 15:52, 11 Jun 2021 (UTC)[balas]
@SNN95: What is the plan? Do you start to delete the files when you have a little time? Or are you waiting for something? --MGA73 (bincang) 16:59, 14 Jun 2021 (UTC)[balas]
I am sorry for the delay. I got caught up to my real work pile. Just now I already delete all the "not confused" one. What left is the "mix of both licenses". SNN95 17:27, 18 Jun 2021 (UTC)[balas]
@SNN95: soon is nice and clean :-) There is also Kategori:Files without a license but some of them can probably be fixed with the right non-free license. --MGA73 (bincang) 23:20, 18 Jun 2021 (UTC)[balas]

In need of clarification[sunting sumber]

Hello, MGA! Recently, you flagged some local files for deletion, with the reason of:

'Files uploaded by different authors: Example “Zulkarnain Ahmad Tajuddin” and “Harun Osman” and “SURIANIE MOHD HANIF”'

I would like to delete these files, but can you explain a bit more in detail regarding this reason and who these authors are? Thank you! PEACE SEARCHΞR [Bincang] 07:54, 26 Julai 2021 (UTC)[balas]

Hi Pengguna:PeaceSearcher. The meta data on some of the files have information about the author. Example: Fail:Tomtom.jpg say "Author Harun Osman". Since the data mention 3 different names it is not likely that the uploader is the photographer. It is much more likely that the user found the files on the internet. Same with the files without meta data. I do not know who the persons are but that is not relevant. The uploader have to provide the proof of the free license. That can be a statement like "I took this photo" + a PD-self or a link to a website that clearly licensed the files as PD. All files in Kategori:Imej domain awam (obsolete) should be checked and if it is not possible to verify the claim of PD the file should be deleted. --MGA73 (bincang) 08:09, 26 Julai 2021 (UTC)[balas]
Ahh, thanks for the info, I'll check the obsolete files later on. PEACE SEARCHΞR [Bincang] 08:16, 26 Julai 2021 (UTC)[balas]