Senarai siri TVB (2007)

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This is a list of series released by TVB in 2007.

Siri[sunting | sunting sumber]

Title Genre Status Other Notes
"The Brink of Law" Modern Action Disiarkan
"Heavenly In-Laws" Period Comedy Warehoused
"Devil's Disciples" Costume Comedy Warehoused and aired later
"Best Bet" Costume Comedy Aired
"The Slicing of the Demon" Costume Suspense Warehoused
"Life Art" Modern Drama Aired
"Heart of Greed" Modern Drama Aired Top rated series, TVB best series award winner 2007
"Best Selling Secrets" Modern Sitcom Airing
"A Change of Destiny" Costume Suspense Aired
"The Family Link" Modern Drama Aired
"On the First Beat" Modern Action Aired Sequel to 2005's, The Academy
"The Green Grass of Home" Modern Drama Aired
"Phoenix Rising" Period Drama Warehoused
"The Drive of Life" Modern Drama Aired Grand production
"Fathers and Sons" Modern Drama Aired
"Steps" Modern Drama Aired
"Men Don't Cry" Period Comedy Aired Anniversary series
"The Ultimate Crime Fighter" Modern Action Aired Anniversary series
"Word Twisters' Adventures" Costume Comedy Aired Anniversary series
"Marriage of Inconvenience" Modern Comedy Aired
"The Building Blocks of Life" Modern Drama Aired
"Survivor's Law II" Modern Drama Aired

Rating[sunting | sunting sumber]


Kedudukan Tajuk Mata purata tertinggi Mata puncak
Pertama Heart of Greed 40 46(48)
ke-2 Fathers and Sons 37 40
ke-3 Ten Brothers 36 39
ke-4 On The First Beat 35 39
ke-5 Dicey Business 34 40
ke-6¹ The Family Link 33(34) 42
ke-7 The Drive of Life 33 39
ke-8 The Brink of Law 33 37
ke-9 The Green Grass of Home 33 36
ke-10 Glittering Days 33 35
  • ¹These were the average points for the last full week of The Family Link. However, the series finale that aired on Jun 10 received an average rating of 38 points with its peak points of 42. If we calculate the average points for the last 6 episodes, we get an average rating of close to 34. If we calculate the average points for the last 5 episodes, like all the other series, we get an average rating of 33.