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Stesen Keretapi Rossio (Bahasa Portugis: Estação de Caminhos de Ferro do Rossio) ialah sebuah stesen kereta api di Lisbon, Portugal, terletak di dataran Rossio. Stesen ini dahulunya digelarkan Estação Central (Stesen Pusat) dan nama itu masih wujud di muka hadapannya.

Stesen ini ditugaskan oleh Syarikat Keretapi Diraja Portugal dan direkabentuk di antara 1886 dan 1887 oleh arkitek Portugal José Luís Monteiro. Ia dibina dalam salah satu dataran yang terpenting Lisbon, Rossio, dan mengaitkan bandar ke rantau Sintra.

Trains gain access to the station, which is in the central urban area of Lisbon, through a tunnel which is more than 2600m long. This tunnel was excavated under the city and is considered one of the most important works of engineering of Portugal dating from the XIX century. It was completed in 1890, and soon after Lisbon's Circle Line with a connection to the North Line also opened. The station became Lisbon's main passenger terminus until 1957, from that date only a few long distance trains terminated at Rossio, mainly Oeste Line services, until the early 1990's.

The station was closed to rail services from 22 October 2004 until 12 February 2008 due to tunnel renewal work.

The beautiful Neo-Manueline façade dominates the northwest side of the square and is a Romantic recreation of the exuberant Manueline style, typical of early 16th century Portugal. Its most interesting features are the two intertwined horseshoe portals at the entrance, the clock in a small turret and the abundant sculptural decoration. Inside, the platforms are connected by ramps to the façade level and are covered by a cast-iron structure executed by a Belgium firm. The station is an important example of Romantic (façade) and Cast-iron (platform cover) architecture in Portugal.

Beside the station there is a Beaux-Arts style building, the Hotel Avenida, opened in 1892 and also designed by José Luís Monteiro.

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