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Rencana ini ialah mengenai stesen London Underground di Baker Street. Untuk kegunaan lain, sila lihat Baker Street (nyahkekaburan).
Baker Street
Pintu masuk stesen
Pihak berkuasa
City of Westminster
Diurus olehLondon Underground
Bil. platform10
Zon tambang1
Kemasukan dan keluar tahunan London Underground
200520.725 juta
200623.837 juta
200724.01 juta[1]
200824.61 juta[1]
Tarikh penting
1863 (1863)Opened (MR)
1868Opened (MR platforms to north)
1906Opened (BS&WR, as terminus)
1907Extended (BSWR - Marylebone)
1939Started (Bakerloo to Stanmore)
1979Ended (Bakerloo to Stanmore)
1979Started (Jubilee Line)
1990Ended (Met to H'smith/Barking)
1990Started (Hammersmith & City)
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Stesen tiub Baker Street ialah sebuah stesen London Underground yang terletak di persimpangan Baker Street dan Marylebone Road. Stesen ini terletak di Travelcard Zone 1 dan dikhidmat oleh lima laluan berlainan. Ia adalah salah satu dari stesen terdahulu Metropolitan Railway (MR), keretapi bawah tanah pertama di dunia, dibuka pada 1863.[2]

Di laluan Circle dan Hammersmith & City ia terletak di antara Great Portland Street dan Edgware Road. Di laluan Metropolitan ia berada di antara Great Portland Street dan Finchley Road. Di laluan Bakerloo ia berada di antara Regent's Park dan Marylebone dan di laluan Jubilee ia berada di antara Bond Street dan St. John's Wood.

Lokasi[sunting | sunting sumber]

The station is located on Baker Street (Bakerloo and Jubilee), Chiltern Street (Circle and Hammersmith & City, ticket holders only, others may enter via Metropolitan station) and Marylebone Road (Metropolitan) in Marylebone, London. Nearby attractions include Regents Park, Lord's Cricket Ground, and Madame Tussauds.

Sejarah[sunting | sunting sumber]

Main ticket hall
Baker Street roundel

Baker Street station was opened by the MR on 10 January 1863 (these platforms are now served by the Circle and Hammersmith & City lines).[2] On 13 April 1868, the MR opened the first section of Metropolitan and St John's Wood Railway as a branch from its existing route. This line, serving the open-air platforms, was steadily extended to Willesden Green and northwards finally reaching Aylesbury Town and Verney Junction (some 50 miles from Baker Street) in 1892. The MR station mainly competed for traffic with Euston, where the LNWR provided local services to Middlesex and Watford and later with Marylebone, where the GCR provided expresses to Aylesbury and beyond on the same line.

Over the next few decades this section of the station saw much rebuilding to provide four platforms. The current Metropolitan line layout largely dates from 1925 and the bulk of the surface buildings, designed by the architect Charles Clark, also date from this period.

The Baker Street & Waterloo Railway (BS&WR, now the Bakerloo line) opened on 10 March 1906, with Baker Street as the initial northern terminus of the line before it was extended to Marylebone station on 27 March 1907.[2] The original station building was located on Baker Street and served the tube platforms with lifts but these were supplemented with escalators in 1914, linking the Metropolitan line and the Bakerloo line platforms by a new concourse excavated under the Metropolitan line.[3]

On 20 November 1939, following the construction of an additional southbound platform and connecting tube tunnels between Baker Street and Finchley Road stations, the Bakerloo line took over Metropolitan line's stopping services between Finchley Road and Wembley Park and its Stanmore branch. The current Bakerloo ticket hall and escalators to the lower concourse were provided in conjunction with the new service.[4] The Jubilee line added an extra northbound platform and replaced the Bakerloo line service to Stanmore from its opening on 1 May 1979.[2]

On 23 August 1973, a bomb was found in a carrier bag in the ticket hall. The bomb was defused by the bomb squad. A week later, on 30 August a member of staff found another bomb left on the over-bridge. Again, it was defused without any injury.

Today[sunting | sunting sumber]

Unique tile-work in this station, commemorates the fictional Sherlock Holmes' association with Baker Street

Of the MR's original stations, the sub-surface Circle and Hammersmith and City line platforms are the best-preserved. Plaques along the platform show old plans and photographs of the station.

The station layout is rather complex. The sub-surface station is connected to the open-air Metropolitan line station. This is a terminus for some Metropolitan line trains, but there is also a connecting curve that joins to the Circle line just beyond the platforms that allows Metropolitan line trains to run to Aldgate in the City of London.

Below this is a deep-level tube station for the Bakerloo and Jubilee lines. These are arranged in a cross-platform interchange, and there are connections between the two lines just to the north of the station. With ten platforms overall, Baker Street has the most London Underground platforms of any station on the network.

Outside the Marylebone Road exits, a large statue of Sherlock Holmes commemorates the fictional detective's association with Baker Street. A restoration in the 1980s on the oldest portion of the Baker Street station, brought it back to something similar to its 1863 appearance.

The station is operated by the Metropolitan Line management team. Offices of the line are within the vicinity of the station.

Although not suggested as an interchange on tube maps, Baker Street is about 300m from Marylebone station, where there are National Rail services to Aylesbury, Birmingham, Shropshire and Wrexham. It is often easier to walk to Marylebone from Baker Street rather than going to the deep-level station for the Bakerloo line then returning to surface level again after one stop.

Layout[sunting | sunting sumber]

Metropolitan line[sunting | sunting sumber]

Metropolitan towards Amersham, Chesham*, Uxbridge, or Watford
Northbound Platform 1
Island Platform
Northbound Platform 2
Metropolitan towards Amersham, Chesham*, Uxbridge, or Watford, from Aldgate
Metropolitan towards Aldgate
Southbound Platform 3
Island Platform
Northbound Platform 4
Metropolitan towards Amersham, Chesham*, Uxbridge, or Watford

* Limited Service

Subsurface Station/Circle and Hammersmith & City lines[sunting | sunting sumber]

Side Platform
Eastbound Platform 5
Circle and Hammersmith & City via Liverpool Street
Circle and Hammersmith & City towards Hammersmith
Westbound Platform 6
Side Platform

Deep Level Station[sunting | sunting sumber]

Southbound[sunting | sunting sumber]
Jubilee towards Stratford
Southbound Platform 7
Island Platform
Southbound Platform 8
Bakerloo towards Elephant & Castle
Northbound[sunting | sunting sumber]
Jubilee towards Stanmore
Northbound Platform 10
Island Platform
Northbound Platform 9
Bakerloo towards Harrow & Wealdstone

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Rujukan[sunting | sunting sumber]

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Sambungan pengangkutan awam[sunting | sunting sumber]

London bus routes 2, 13, 18, 27, 30, 74, 82, 113, 139, 189, 205, 274, 453 and night route N13, N18 and N74.

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