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The table below lists units supported by template {{convert}}. The list is not complete—more complete lists are linked for each dimension. A complete list is at the full list of units.

Explanation - unit codes

The {{convert}} template uses unit-codes, which are similar to (but not necessarily exactly the same as) the usual written abbreviation for a given unit. These 'unit-codes' are given in column 3 of the following tables, and are accepted as input by the {{convert}} template as the second and third unnamed parameters. For example, {{convert|100|kg|lb}} produces "100 kilogram (220 lb)" and {{convert|100|lb|kg}} produces "100 paun (45 kg)"

Some units have alternative unit-codes; these are shown in brackets in column 3, e.g. °F (F): either may be entered for Fahrenheit (but not lower-case f).

The unit-codes should be treated as case-sensitive, especially in cases like {{convert|100|Mm|mm}}, which produces "100 megameter (1.0×1011 mm)".

The output of {{convert}} can display multiple converted units, if further unit-codes are specified after the second unnamed parameter (without the | separator). Typical combination output units are listed below in column 7. For example, {{convert|55|nmi|km mi}} produces "55 batu nautika (102 km; 63 bt)", and {{convert|1|oz|ozt g gr}} produces "1 auns (0.91 ozt; 28 g; 440 gr)".

Abridged list of units supported by {{Convert}}

Templat:Convert/list of units/explanation

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Sistem Unit Kod-
Nota sample default
output units
SI kilometer persegi km2 km2 Ejaan A.S : square kilometer
1.0 km2 (0.39 bt2)
  • km2 batu persegi
meter persegi m2 m2 Ejaan A.S : square meter
1.0 m2 (11 ka2)
  • m2 kaki persegi
sentimeter persegi cm2 cm2 Ejaan A.S : square centimeter
1.0 cm2 (0.16 in2)
  • sm2 inci persegi
milimeter persegi mm2 mm2 Ejaan A.S : square millimeter
1.0 mm2 (0.0016 in2)
  • mm2 inci persegi
bukan metrik-SI hektar ha he 1.0 he (2.5 ekar)
US customary
batu persegi sqmi bt2 1.0 bt2 (2.6 km2)
  • batu persegi km2
ekar acre (tiada) 1.0 ekar (0.40 he)
ela persegi sqyd ela2 1.0 ela2 (0.84 m2)
kaki persegi sqft
ka2 kod panjang output "sqfoot" square foot 1.0 ka2 (0.093 m2)
  • kaki persegi m2 (kk persegi m2)
inci persegi sqin in2 1.0 in2 (6.5 cm2)
  • inchi persegi sm2
Lain-lain batu nautika persegi sqnmi bt n2 1.0 bt n2 (3.4 km2; 1.3 bt2)
dunam dunam (tiada) For alternative spellings and definitions see the full list 1.0 dunam (0.0010 km2; 0.00039 bt2)
tsubo tsubo (tiada) 1.0 tsubo (3.3 m2)

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(Full list)
sistem unit kod-
nota penukaran tersedia
unit output
SI megameter Mm Mm 1.0 Mm (620 Batu|bt)
kilometer km km 1.0 km (0.62 Batu|bt)
  • km mi
meter m m 1.0 m (3 kain)
  • m ft
  • m ftin
sentimeter cm cm 1.0 cm (0.39 in)
  • cm in
milimeter mm mm 1.0 mm (0.039 in)
  • mm in
mikrometer μm (um) µm 1.0 µm (3.9×10−5 in)
nanometer nm nm 1.0 nm (3.9×10−8 in)
metrik bukan SI ångström Å
Å 1.0 Å (3.9×10−9 in)
US customary
Batu|batu mi bt 1.0 Batu|bt (1.6 km)
  • mi km
furlong furlong (tiada) 1.0 furlong (660 ka; 200 m)
chain chain (tiada) 1.0 chain (66 ka; 20 m)
rod rd rd Untuk nama lain unit ini lihat senarai penuh. 1.0 rd (17 ka; 5.0 m)
fathom fathom (tiada) fathom ≡ 6 ft 1.0 fathom (6.0 ka; 1.8 m)
ela yd yd diandaikan mengikuat definisi antarabangsa 1.0 yd (0.91 m)
kaki ft (foot) ka kod panjang output "kaki" kaki 1.0 ka (0.30 m)
  • ftin (kaki dan inci)
  • ft m (kaki m)
inci in in 1.0 in (25 mm)
  • in cm
  • in mm
Lain batu nautika nmi nmi batu nautika piawai antarabangsa
Untuk batu nautika yang lain lihat senarai penuh.
1.0 nmi (1.9 km; 1.2 Batu|bt)
parsec pc pc 1.0 pc (3.3 ly)
light-year ly ly 1.0 ly (63,000 AU)
astronomical unit AU AU 1.0 AU (150,000,000 km; 93,000,000 Batu|bt)

Templat:Convert/list of units/mass/short list

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Sistem Unit Kod-
Nota Contoh penukaran
unit output
SI metre per saat m/s m/s Ejaan A.S : meter per saat
1.0 m/s (3.3 ft/s)
  • m/s kk/s (m/s kaki/s)
bukan metrik-SI kilometre per jam km/h km/j Ejaan A.S : kilometer per jam
1.0 km/j (0.62 mph)
  • km/j bt/j
US customary
mile per jam mph mph 1.0 mph (1.6 km/j)
  • bt/j km/j
  • bt/j kn
foot per saat ft/s (kaki/s) ft/s kod panjang output "kaki/s" kaki per saat 1.0 ft/s (0.30 m/s)
  • kk/s m/s
Unit-unit maritim knot kn (knot) kn 1.0 kn (1.9 km/j; 1.2 mph)
  • kn bt/j

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