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This template is used to produce a phonetic or phonemic representation (using the IPA system), which is linked to a page that explains the symbols used. Optionally, an audio file can be specified. Natural spelling is used to avoid the need to search for the correct phonetic symbols – this is only possible, however, for languages for which a respelling system has been defined at Template:Pho. At present this has been done for Polish only – this template should therefore currently be used only for Polish pronunciations. The result will then be wikilinked to Wikipedia:IPA for Polish.

Parameters[sunting sumber]

The first parameter (required) is the two-letter code for the language (this should currently always be set to pl for Polish).

The second parameter can be used to define what delimiters are to be used, and whether an audio file is available. Possible values are: // (slashes, for phonemic representation), //AUD, /- (slash before but not after), -/, -/AUD, [] (square brackets, for phonetic representation), []AUD, [-, -], -]AUD, -- (no delimiters), AUD (default delimiters with audio). (The missing delimiter options are used if several instances of the template have to be strung together due to the limited number of parameters.) If any other value is used for the second parameter, then the default delimiters are used (// for English, otherwise []) and it is treated as the first of the trailing parameters (see below).

The third parameter is the name of the audio file, if one of the AUD options was defined in the second parameter. Otherwise it is treated as a trailing parameter.

Trailing parameters (fourth and subsequent, or second or third and subsequent if they do not have the special meanings defined above) contain the naturally spelt elements which are to be converted to phonetic transcription. For example (provided the first parameter has been set to "pl"), the parameter "ł" will be converted to the symbol w, "h" or "ch" to x, etc. Note: the total number of parameters is limited to 30; if you need more, string together instances of the template.

Special parameter values available are "J" for a superscript j (used after k and g), "I" for non-syllabic i (normally spelt j in words like gaj), "U" for non-syllabic u (normally spelt ł in words like miał), "N" for a sound like English ng (appearing in Polish as an allophone of /n/ in words like bank), and "e1" for a more closed e sound (as when adjacent to soft consonants, in words like Maciej).

There are also three general respelling values (designed to work independent of language): an apostrophe converts to a primary stress mark, a comma converts to a secondary stress mark, and a hyphen converts to a (no-break) space.

Examples[sunting sumber]

{{IPAr|pl|'|w|r|o|c|ł|a|f}} produces [ˈvrɔt​͡swaf]

{{IPAr|pl|AUD|Pl-Wrocław-2.ogg|'|w|r|o|c|ł|a|f}} produces [ˈvrɔt​͡swaf] (Ltspkr.png dengar)

{{IPAr|pl|s|e|m|'|p|u|l|n|o|-|k|r|a|'|j|e|ń|s|k|J|e}} produces [sɛmˈpulnɔ kraˈjɛɲskjɛ]

{{IPAr|pl|'|m|a|ć|e1|I|-|f|a|U|s|'|t|o|f|s|k|i}} produces [ˈmat​͡ɕei̯ fau̯sˈtɔfski]

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