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Infobox Comics creator
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An Infobox Comics creator may be used to summarise information about a person who is a comics creator.

Usage[sunting sumber]

The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article. Only the name and birthdate parameters are required. For an example, see Jerry Siegel.

{{Infobox comics creator
| name          = *
| image         = Replace this image fe/male.svg
| imagesize     = 150
| caption       = 
| birthname     = 
| birthdate     = *
| location      = 
| deathdate     = 
| deathplace    = 
| nationality   = 
| area          = 
| cartoonist    = 
| write         = 
| art           = 
| pencil        = 
| ink           = 
| edit          = 
| publish       = 
| letter        = 
| color         = 
| alias         = 
| signature     = <!-- very optional -->
| notable works = 
| awards        = 
| website       = 
| nonUS         = 
| sortkey       = * <!-- for categorization -->
| subcat        = 
| yob           = 
| mob           = 
| dob           = 
| yod           = 
| mod           = 
| dod           = 

* These fields are required.

Parameter notes[sunting sumber]

  • name This is the "common name" the comics creator is associated with. Usually this is also the article's title. This field is required.
  • Placing images in the infobox uses two fields:
    • image which is just the filname of the image. The template will add the markup to show the image.
      Example: image= example.jpg
    • imagesize which is the width the image will display at. The template expects this to be in the format of "Npx". If left empty, the image will default to 220px wide.
  • The caption will appear below the image. Keep it short, but indicate the original source published source of the image and the artist(s).
  • birthname is the comics creators full birth name.
  • birthdate is the comics creator’s date of birth, in the form: Month Date, Year. This is a required field.
  • location is the comics creator’s place of birth.
  • deathdate is the comics creator’s date of death (in form already given).
  • deathplace is the comics creator’s place of death.
    • Note: birthdate and deathdate can either be entered directly or by using a series of numeric fields. If the fields are used, this infobox will generate the day of both and/or death using {{Birth date and age}}, {{Birth date}}, {{Death date and age}}, and {{Death date}}, please see these templates for more information on their functioning. If all three of the numerics, year, month, and day, are used for birth or death, then nothing should be in the related "...date" field.
      The numeric fields are:
      • yob - "Year of birth", a four digit number. This is also used by the infobox for categorization.
      • mob - "Month of birth", using the range from 1 to 12.
      • dob - "Day of birth", using the range from 1 to 28, 29, 30, or 31 depending on the month.
      • yod - "Year of death", a four digit number. This is also used by the infobox for categorization.
      • mod - "Month of death", using the range from 1 to 12.
      • dod - "Day of death", using the range from 1 to 28, 29, 30, or 31 depending on the month.
  • nationality is the comics creator’s nationality.
  • area is the main fields in which the comics creator works (i.e. writer, pencils, inks, colorist, letter, etc). This field can either be entered directly or entered using the following logical fields:
    • cartoonist
    • write - writer
    • art - artist, if this is used then pencil, ink, and color should not be used.
    • pencil - penciller
    • ink - inker
    • edit - editor
    • publish - publisher
    • letter
    • color - colorist
  • alias lists other names the comics creator has worked under.
  • notable works lists the comics creator’s notable creations and/or works.
  • signature if available, a scanned image of and artist's signature. As with the main image, only the filename needs to be entered here. The template will automatically limit the image size to 128px.
  • awards lists any awards the comics creator has won.
  • website for the comics creator's official web site. Enter the URL only, the template will create the link.
  • nonUS is a logical field for identifying comics creators that either do not work in, or work primarily outside, the US comics market. At present the only affect this has is with the term "colorist" (American spelling) and "colourist" (British spelling),

Categories[sunting sumber]

This infobox has been designed to place articles it's added to into appropriate categories under Category:Comics creators and to specific biography categories related to years of birth and years of death. To do this the following parameters are used.

  • sortkey is the field that tells the template to add the categories. It is the title by which the article will be sorted in the categories placed by the template. This should follow the general rules for sorting articles on people.
    • It should read "surname, given name", if both are part of the article title.
    • Accented and non-English characters should be replaced with the closest English analogue.
  • subcat is generally the nationality sub category for Category:Comics artists. Category:Cartoonists, and Category:Comics writers. Please check those category trees to make sure the nationality subcategory actually exists.
    • Since manga artists are separated out from the nationality structure, the logical manga can be added to sort an article into that category.
  • yob is used to place the article into the relevant "<Year> births" category.
  • yod is used to place the article into the relevant "<Year> deaths" category.
    • Note: The year of birth/death section utilizes {{Lifetime}}, please see that template for more information on its functioning.