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Pendokumenan templat[lihat] [sunting] [sejarah] [nyahcache]

Usage[sunting sumber]

Bidang Kuasa{{{jurisdiction}}}
Tarikh Gabungan{{{affdate}}}
Gabungan Serantau{{{region}}}
Tarikh Gabungan{{{regionyear}}}
Ibu Pejabat{{{headquarters}}}
Ketua Exec{{{chiefexec}}}
Naib Presiden{{{vicepresident}}}
Men's coach{{{coach}}}
Women's coach{{{womenscoach}}}
Other key staff{{{key staff}}}
Operating income{{{operating income}}}
Closure date{{{year closed}}}
laman web rasmi
{{country data {{{countryflag}}}|flagicon/core|variant=|size=40px}}
{{country data {{{countryflag2}}}|flagicon/core|variant=|size=40px}}
{{country data {{{countryflag3}}}|flagicon/core|variant=|size=40px}}

Copy and paste the template below:

{{Infobox sport governing body
|name         =
|abbrev       =
|logo         =
|logosize     =
|sport        =
|category     =
|image        =
|caption      =
|jurisdiction =
|founded      = {{Start date|YYYY}}
|aff          =
|affdate      =
|region       =
|regionyear   =
|headquarters =
|location     =
|president    =
|chairman     =
|chairperson  =
|chair        =
|chiefexec    =
|vicepresident =
|director     =
|secretary    =
|coach        =
|womenscoach  =
|key staff    =
|operating income =
|sponsor      =
|year closed  =
|replaced     =
|prevfounded  =
|url          =
|countryflag  =
|countryflag2 =
|countryflag3 =
|more         =

Parameter descriptions[sunting sumber]

  • name = Name of association or body
  • abbrev = Abbreviation or Initials
  • logo = Logo of body
  • sport = Sport which it governs
  • category = Further classification (was sport on other version of the box)
  • image = Illustration other than Logo - eg former logo or illustration (was logo on other version of the box)
  • caption = Caption for the above extra image
  • jurisdiction = Area of jurisdiction - International, national or regional
  • founded = Year of foundation - use {{Start date}}
  • aff = Higher level body to which it is affiliated
  • affdate = Date affiliated to higher level body
  • region = Regional body to which it is affiliated
  • regionyear = Date affiliated to regional body
  • headquarters = Location of Headquarters or Offices if there are any
  • location = Alternative location
  • president = Name of President
  • chairman = Name of Chairman
  • chairperson = Name of Chairperson
  • chair = Name of Chair
  • chiefexec = Name of Chief Executive
  • secretary = Name of Secretary
  • coach = Name of Coach
  • womenscoach = Name of Women's coach if there is a men's coach
  • key staff = Any other notable key staff
  • operating income = Income if relevant
  • sponsor = Sponsor, if any
  • year closed = Year in which it ceased to function
  • replaced = Name of any earlier organisation which it replaces
  • prevfounded = Date the previous organisation was founded
  • url = Website of body (starting "www.")
  • countryflag = Country flag icon
  • countryflag2 = Country flag icon for a second country if the organisation represents more than one
  • countryflag3 = Country flag icon for a third country if the organisation represents more than two
  • more = Further information (used, e.g., for local country flags)

Microformat[sunting sumber]

The HTML mark up produced by this template includes an hCard microformat, which makes the organisation's details parsable by computers, either acting automatically to catalogue article across Wikipedia, or via a browser tool operated by a reader, to (for example) add the subject to an address book. For more information about the use of microformats on Wikipedia, please see the microformat project.

If the organisation has an "established", "founded", "opened" or similar date, use {{Start date}}.

If the organisation has a "coordinates" field, use {{Coord}} to include a Geo microformat, which additionally makes the coordinates (latitude & longitude) parsable, so that they can be, say, looked up on a map, or downloaded to a GPS unit.

hCard uses HTML classes including:

  • adr
  • agent
  • category
  • country-name
  • extended-address
  • fn
  • geo
  • label
  • latitude
  • locality
  • longitude
  • nickname
  • note
  • org
  • region
  • street-address
  • vcard

Please do not rename or remove these classes; nor collapse nested elements which use them.