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Templat ini telah dikenal pasti sebagai templat berisiko tinggi. Oleh itu, templat ini telah dilindungi daripada sebarang penyuntingan bagi tempoh masa yang tidak terbatas. Perubahan boleh dibincangkan di laman perbincangan, atau anda boleh meminta supaya perlindungan ditamatkan.
This template documentation is transcluded from Templat:Navigation/doc [edit]

{{Navigation}} is a generic navigational template. The KISS principle was observed.

Usage[sunting sumber]

To apply this template, you can start by copy-and-pasting the following code and then provide arguments:

Blank[sunting sumber]

| name  = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
| title = 
| body  = 

Parameters[sunting sumber]

Mandatory[sunting sumber]
(or "templateName") The name of the template, which is needed for the "view · talk · edit" links to work properly on all of the pages where the template is used on. You can enter {{subst:PAGENAME}} for this value as a shortcut.
(or "header") Text that appears centered in the titlebar (the top bar). Usually this is the template's topic, i.e. a succinct description of the body parameter's contents.
The material contained by the template, usually a list or list of links. Format is inline.
Optional[sunting sumber]
Background color of the titlebar. NB Care/consensus needed when using this parameter as multiple navigational templates on one page using different titlebar colors is likely to look unpleasant.
(or "category") The category or categories to which a page sporting the template will become a member.

Example[sunting sumber]

Code[sunting sumber]

| name  = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
| title = [[Countries of the world|Countries]] of [[Central Asia]]
| cat   = [[Category:Central Asian countries]]<noinclude>[[Category:Asian navigational boxes| {{PAGENAME}}]] [[Category:Continental navigation templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]</noinclude>
| body  = [[Afghanistan]]{{·}} [[Kazakhstan]]{{·}} [[Kyrgyzstan]]{{·}} [[Mongolia]]{{·}} [[Russia]]{{·}} [[Tajikistan]]{{·}} [[Turkmenistan]]{{·}} [[Uzbekistan]]

Result[sunting sumber]

See also[sunting sumber]

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