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Pendokumenan templat[lihat] [sunting] [sejarah] [nyahcache]

This template is used to identify what kind of page it or its subject page is.

Usage[sunting sumber]

{{pagetype | class | page= }}

Parameters[sunting sumber]


This unnamed parameter is optional and is used to distinguish between different non-article pages in mainspace (e.g. disambiguation pages and redirects). See below for details.


The name of a page. The default is the current page.


If set to yes then subjectspace pages will be treated the same as talkspace pages.

Output[sunting sumber]

Namespace class Output
Talk disambig, disamb, dab laman
redirect, redir
lain-lain rencana
Perbincangan pengguna apa-apa laman
MediaWiki talk
Help talk
Portal talk
Project talk
File talk apa-apa fail
Template talk apa-apa templat
Category talk apa-apa kategori
Any subjectspace portal, project laman
disambig, disamb, dab
redirect, redir
image, file fail
template, temp, templ templat
category, cat, categ kategori
lain-lain rencana