Templat:Permainan masa depan

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Pendokumenan templat[lihat] [sunting] [sejarah] [nyahcache]
{{future game}}
Templat ini menambahkan rencana ke Kategori:Permainan video yang belum dikeluarkan.
{{future game|type=[[board game]]}}
Jika type yang diberikan, "permainan video" akan digantikan oleh nilainya. Rencana ini ditambahkan ke Kategori:Permainan Upcoming yang belum dikeluarkan.

Sort key and override[sunting sumber]

By default, the sort key for the category is the article name, or the {{DEFAULTSORT}} value if given.
{{permainan masa depan|sortkey|override=yes}}
Use the optional first parameter to specify the sort key. This is useful if the game is listed in a section of the article and should be sorted separately by its own name. To apply the sort key, override must be set to yes. If override is not set to yes, then the article is added to Category:All video game articles requesting maintenance and Category:Video game cleanup, with a message to use {{DEFAULTSORT}} instead.