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Pendokumenan templat
Template Tl2 is just like Tl, 

  1. in that it is very simple, and so it can be subst'd cleanly (unlike Tlx)

  2. but also displays a single template name like Tlx, and also like Tlx

  3. will take a named parameter allowing it to access pages
    on other wiki's. (Sister projects)
Documentasi templat ditransklusikan daripada Template:Tl/doc [sunting penggunaan][sunting penggunaan Master]

Documentasi[sunting sumber]

{{Tl}} dan {{Tl2}} adalah templat makro mudah yang digunakan untuk memaparkan sebuah nama templat sebagai satu hubungan. Tl stands for Template link.

Tl2 differs in that it displays an arguably clearer result like {{Tlx}}, and also like takes the named parameters 'SISTER=xx' and 'LANG=ll', so that it may also be used to list and link to templates on other English and non-English language sister projects.
{{Tlx}} displays with the same enhanced presentation, and also expands several 'placeholder' parameters to generate a sample template call.

Penggunaan[sunting sumber]

 {{Tl|template name to display}}
 {{Tl2|template name to display}} -- local link, just like Tl.
 {{Tl2|SISTER=V:|template name to display}} -- displays a template on Wikiversity
 {{Tl2|LANG=fr.|SISTER=wikisource|template name to display}} -- displays a template 
                       on the French Wikisource sister project.

Contoh[sunting sumber]

Code Result
{{Tl|x0}} {{x0}}
{{Tl2|x1}} {{x1}}
{{Tl2|SISTER=M:|3x}} {{3x}}
{{Tl2|SISTER=wikibooks|LANG=de:|WP}} {{WP}}

Lihat juga[sunting sumber]

  •    — links and edit history of the Tl template.
  •  — links and edit history of the Tl2 template.
  •  — Template link, with single parameter.
  •  — Template link, up to three parameters.
  • — Template link, ditto subst'ed.
  •  — see Lts discussion for more variants.
  • - like {{tl}} / {{tlp}} for any namespace.
  • - Same as tl, but shows the braces as part of the link.
  • Category:Internal link templates (edit talk links history)
  • - Show live example

Similar templates at English sister projects [edit]
Wikimedia-logo.svg mta Meta-wiki Tl2
Wikipedia-logo.png wpd Wikipedia Tl2
Commons-logo.svg cms Commons Tl2
Wikibooks-logo.svg wbk Wikibooks Tl2
Wikispecies-logo.svg wsp Wikispecies Tl2
Wikiversity-logo.svg wvy Wikiversity Tl2
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