The Fluffer

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The Fluffer
PengarahRichard Glatzer
Wash West
PenerbitVictoria Robinson
John Sylla
PenulisWash West
Dibintangi olehScott Gurney
Michael Cunio
Roxanne Day
Taylor Negron
Richard Riehle
Deborah Harry
Muzik olehJohn Vaughn
Micko Westmoreland
SinematografiMark Putnam
Disunting olehJohn Binninger
PengedarTLA Releasing
Mula ditayangkan
Tempoh tayangan
95 minit
Negara Amerika Syarikat

The Fluffer, sebuah filem bebas 2001 A.S., adalah sebuah cerita bersegi tiga pada percintaan obsesif dimuatkan terhadap latar belakang industri video dewasa. The film was written by Wash West and co-directed by West and his life partner Richard Glatzer.[1] The Fluffer mencirikan kameo dari bilangan tokoh dalam industri hiburan dewasa, termasuk Ron Jeremy, pengarah Chi Chi LaRue,[2] Karen Dior, Zach Richards, Derek Cameron, Chad Donovan, Thomas Lloyd, Jim Steel, Chris Green dan Cole Tucker.[2]

The Fluffer adalah pilihan rasmi dan diperdanakan pada 2001 di Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin (Pesta Filem Antarabangsa Berlin) ke-51. Ia telah dipilih untuk Pesta Filem Antarabangsa Toronto pada tahun itu, di mana ia dibuatkan debut Amerika Utara.

Sinopsis jalan cerita[sunting | sunting sumber]

Sean McGinnis is a 22 year old film student who moves to Los Angeles to break into the movie business. While looking for work, he passes the time watching rented videos. He sets out to watch Citizen Kane, but the videotape has accidentally been switched with an adult movie called Citizen Cum. Sean becomes instantly obsessed with the star of Citizen Cum, Johnny Rebel. His interest in Johnny leads Sean to turn down work in the mainstream film industry to become a cameraman for Men of Janus, the production company that has Johnny under exclusive contract. On his first shoot, Sean ends up as a "Fluffer" for Johnny, performing (offscreen) oral sex on him to help him maintain an erection and reach orgasm for the "money shot." He learns that Johnny's real name is Mikey, he is "gay for pay" and doesn't perform oral sex on other men or even kiss. Johnny has Sean fluff him on additional productions, and Sean's infatuation continues to grow. He confides his feelings for Johnny to co-worker Silver, who tells him that the relationship is hopeless because Johnny's a porn star and straight. Meanwhile, Johnny's girlfriend Julie, who works as a stripper under her stagename Babylon but who has tried to move into mainstream acting, learns she is pregnant.

Trying to break from Johnny, Sean begins dating an acupuncture student named Brian. However, Brian breaks up with Sean because of his emotional unavailability, the result of his continuing obsession with Johnny.

Johnny's crystal meth use spirals out of control. He goes on a five-day binge and misses a scheduled film shoot. The film's producer Sam Martins forces Sean to fluff Johnny's replacement for the shoot. Johnny shows up late to the set and is fired. Julie decides to get an abortion since she cannot rely on Johnny to help raise a child. She breaks up with Johnny and changes the locks to her apartment.

At the studio an expensive video camera goes missing and company manager Chad Cox is found dead in his apartment. The police seek Johnny, under his real name Michael Rossini, for questioning. Johnny turns to Sean for help, and together they flee to Mexico. Once in Mexico, Sean sells his car for getaway money. Johnny initially denies involvement in Chad's death but later confesses to Sean that he killed Chad accidentally during a fight over the payoff for stealing the camera for drug money. That night Johnny offers to let Sean service him sexually, but for the first time Sean declines. Sean shares in oblique terms memories of being sexually abused as a child by an adult male neighbor. Johnny starts to cry, saying he can relate because of some of the "fucked up shit" he's been through and that he was made to do things he didn't want to do. Sean comforts Johnny and for the first time calls him "Mikey." They kiss.

When Sean wakes the next morning, Johnny is gone along with all of Sean's money. Sean initially tries to hitchike back to the United States, but ends up accepting an offer to go further south to an idyllic location he had previously suggested he and Johnny visit. Babylon packs up her apartment and drives north away from Los Angeles. Mikey survives in Mexico by committing armed robberies, his new gritty reality counterpointed as Sean reads a fan letter written to Johnny, who remains a figure of fantasy.

Pengeluaran DVD[sunting | sunting sumber]

The Fluffer telah dikeluarkan pada DVD Rantau 1 pada September 20, 2002 (versi R-rated) dan September 28, 2002 (Unrated Special Edition). Perbezaan di antara dua versi adalah sedikit; versi R-rated mempunyai dialog alih suara lebih dengan kurang baris eksplisit dan sedikit kurang kebogelan.

Rujukan[sunting | sunting sumber]

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