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Wikipedia:Penciptaan rencana bestari/Kelayakan umum

Daripada Wikipedia, ensiklopedia bebas.

Above all else, Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. This means that by its very nature, items in Wikipedia have to be notable enough to be considered encyclopedic.

Apa maksud Kelayakan?
Jika topik telah menerima liputan dalam sumber yang boleh dipercayai yang bebas daripada subjek yang ketara, ia akan dianggap memenuhi kriteria pemasukan untuk rencana yang berdiri sendiri.

A topic is notable if it has been the subject of multiple non-trivial published works from sources that are reliable and independent of the subject itself and of each other. All topics must meet a minimum threshold of notability in order for an article on that topic to be included in Wikipedia. This requirement ensures that there exists enough source material to write a verifiable, encyclopedic article about the topic.

What Wikipedia is not: In addition to the notability criteria described above, the entry must also be encyclopedic in nature. Items such as FAQs, video game guides, memorials, instruction manuals, directories, lists of links, advertising, self-promotion, and dictionary definitions are not encyclopedic.

Does your proposed article meet the notability requirements?