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Misi dan Skop[sunting sumber]

Misi WikiProjek Islam adalah untuk memastikan bahawa rencana berkaitan Islam di Wikipedia ditulis dalam gaya ensiklopedia, dalam suatu cara neutral and non-sectarian, menggunakan sumber terpelajar verifiable dan reliable. Ini adalah tempat terbaik untuk membincang isu-isu yang mengesan rencana berkaitan Islam pada umumnya. Perbincangan tentang rencana khusus harus dijalankan di laman bincang rencana itu.

Skop WikiProjek ini adalah untuk memperbaiki kualiti dan kauntiti maklumat tentang Islam diadakan di Wikipedia.

Panduan untuk menerbit rencana Islam[sunting sumber]

If you are a newcomer, the most important and often over-looked point to remember while editing Wikipedia is: You cannot insert your own particular viewpoints into articles. Articles should typically reflect the verifiable opinions of qualified academic scholars, in neutral and balanced prose. The Qur'an and hadith are considered primary sources but they shouldn't be quoted in support of a particular argument unless also backed up by a cite to a reliable secondary source. Also remember to cite your sources correctly. If you feel a viewpoint merits mention, you can find some material which may constitute a reliable source by checking books, journals, articles, newspapers and other sources.

To promote consistency in the way articles are written and edited, a manual of style with recommended guidelines exists. Visit its talk page for current discussion.

Untuk dilakukan[sunting sumber]

  1. Pasang banner projek {{WikiProject Islam}} pada laman berbicara semua rencana yang termasuk dalam ruang lingkup projek.
  2. Tambah ke rencana Wikipedia:WikiProjek Islam/Rencana senarai mengikut kategori.
  3. Semak perubahan terkini untuk perbaikan terakhir, vandalisme, dan perubahan yang lain.

Penyerta/Ahli[sunting sumber]

Jabatan[sunting sumber]

Jabatan adalah kelompok tertentu ahli yang melakukan pekerjaan meta. Tugas termasuk menjaga projek yang terjadi, mempertahankan laman projek, portal berkaitan, menilai rencana, menyertai dalam peer review, menguruskan konsensus dalam projek dan sebagainya. Berikut ini adalah senarai jabatan dalam WikiProjek tersebut. Ahli WikiProjek mungkin tidak hanya melakukan tugas-tugas jabatan. Mereka boleh menyumbang kandungan sebagai ahli Kumpulan Kerja juga.

Penilaian[sunting sumber]

Jabatan penilaian tertumpu pada penilaian high rencana Wikipedia yang berkaitan dengan Islam. Sementara banyak kerja dilakukan dalam hubungannya dengan WP: 1,0 program, peringkat di rencana ini juga digunakan dalam projek itu sendiri untuk membantu dalam mengakui sumbangan yang sangat baik dan mengenalpasti topik yang memerlukan pekerjaan lebih lanjut.

Statistik[sunting sumber]

WP:Islam article rating and assessment scheme
(NB: Listing, Log & Stats are updated on a daily basis by a bot)
Current detailed listing of Islam articles by quality
Daily log of status changes
Current Statistics
Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Islam-related articles by quality statistics

Peer review[sunting sumber]

The peer review department conducts peer reviews of Islam-related articles on request; this helps to obtain ideas for further improvement by having contributors who may not have previously worked on particular articles examine them. Project members are invited to submit articles to the department in lieu of using the generic peer review process.

Task forces[sunting sumber]

Tenaga tugas berkaitan[sunting sumber]

Rencana[sunting sumber]

Rencana dicirikan[sunting sumber]

Senarai dicirikan[sunting sumber]

Featured pictures[sunting sumber]

File:Takbir of prayer.jpg

Rencana baik[sunting sumber]

Valued pictures[sunting sumber]

Did You Know (DYK)s[sunting sumber]

Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team release version selections[sunting sumber]

Formerly recognized content[sunting sumber]

Former featured articles[sunting sumber]

Former good articles[sunting sumber]

Current issues[sunting sumber]

Although members of the project are usually aware of current problems and specific tasks to perform in Islam articles, non-members – who are encouraged to help with these – may not be. Generally, discussions of articles take place on talk pages of those articles, but below is a list of some important problems and tasks.

Templat:Islam Open Tasks

Vandalism/Sock puppet alerts[sunting sumber]

Please watch out for editing behaviors of these banned puppet masters and revert their edits when suspected:

Articles affected[sunting sumber]
Helpful links for reporting vandalism and getting help[sunting sumber]

Discussing specific issues[sunting sumber]

  • Discussing whether Allah or God should be used in Islam articles.
  • Discuss suggestions for giving Hadith references.
  • Discussing whether certain Arabic words and terms are worthy of an article or if they are better placed in Wiktionary.
  • Discuss whether to use salat or prayer in the salat article (and possibly others).
  • Discussing whether to use the word "masjid" or "mosque" should be used. (this discussion has started here)

Tasks[sunting sumber]

  • Standardise references to Qur'an translations.
  • Placing articles in the most appropriate category or categories.
  • Fix inadvertent placing of new Islam articles in Category:Islam when a better category (or more) can be chosen.
  • Sandbox: Check the sandbox for developing content
  • Verify that The Fall of Man correctly states Islam's view on a sinful nature of humanity

Deletions[sunting sumber]

Cleanup listing[sunting sumber]

Pengguna:WolterBot/Cleanup listing subscription

Templates[sunting sumber]

Project related[sunting sumber]

What to type What it makes Usage
{{WikiProject Islam}}
WikiProjek Islam (Dinilaikan TB-kepentingan)
Ikon WikiProjekRencana ini merupakan sebahagian daripada ruang lingkup WikiProjek Islam, sebuah usaha kerjasama antara pengguna bagi memperbaiki dan meningkatkan mutu Rencana berkaitan Islam yang berkaitan di Wikipedia. Jika anda ingin menyertai, anda boleh lawati halaman projek. Anda juga boleh pergi ke halaman perbincangan untuk mengemukakan sebarang pertanyaan, cadangan atau pendapat anda.
 ???  Rencana laman tidak memerlukan penilaian pada skala penilaian projek.
Template to be placed on talk page of an article within the scope of WikiProject Islam. See the assessment department for more information.
{{Portal|Islam|Allah.svg}} For optional use at the bottom of articles within the scope of WikiProject Islam, right before the categories listing.
{{User WikiProject Islam}} Templat:User WikiProject Islam Userbox for members to direct and inform others about this WikiProject.
{{User WikiProject Islam/Userbox2}} Templat:User WikiProject Islam/Userbox2 Userbox for members to direct and inform others about this WikiProject. Second option.
{{User WikiProject Islam2}} Templat:User WikiProject Islam2 Userbox for members to direct and inform others about this WikiProject. Third option.
{{User Islam related}} Templat:User Islam related Userbox for people who edit Islam related articles
{{WPIslam-invite}} Templat:WPIslam-invite Invite other editors to participate in WikiProject Islam.

Barnstar awards[sunting sumber]

Image What to type Description
The Islam WikiProject Barnstar {{subst:Islamic Barnstar Award|message ~~~~}} The WikiProject Islamic Barnstar is to be used for the recognition of any excellent contributions to Islam-related articles. Designed and introduced by User:JuanMuslim in May 2006.
Islamic Barnstar {{subst:The Islamic Barnstar|message ~~~~}} May be awarded to an editor who contributes, spreads, or posts helpful information about Islam.

Categories[sunting sumber]

Tekan butang "►" di bawah untuk melihat semua subkategori:

Resources[sunting sumber]

Reference materials[sunting sumber]

In accordance with general directives on reliable source usage, Wikipedia should quote qualified scholars of Islam, as Wikipedia policy dictates that authors must be "authoritative in relation to the subject at hand." Other indicators of reliability is whether or not the work is published in a scholarly, peer-reviewed press, or whether the work is itself the subject of independant academic reviews. As per WP:REDFLAG, It is especially important for the source to be of high quality (and perferably there should be multiple sources) when assertions about Islam are made which are unsupported by mainstream academic opinion.

The editors should not write for example "Some Muslims argue X" and then reference it to some Muslim websites unless they could show that the website is representative of the thought of a particular significant group.

    • Please note that websites such as "" are not reliable sources, because they are neither written by famous scholars nor peer reviewed works. Articles at are usually signed by the authors. For those articles, if one can establish that the authors hold an official academic degree (Western or Islamic) and are notable, they could be used when properly attributed to the authors. Articles at are more likely to have references. So, if you found something there, try to look up for its source and then look up the original source. If you are lucky, you'll get a good sourced piece of information.

Arabic Wikisource has many relevant works in the Arabic language. See the Islamic collection there.

How to find good sources[sunting sumber]

General Tips[sunting sumber]

  • Encyclopedia of Islam and Encyclopedia of the Qur'an are a very good scholarly resources and one can find information on almost everything. But it is not free unless you belong to an organization that provides access to this for you.
  • You can have free (but limited) online access to many of their books at or You can also search for a word (like Islam) in and find good books. It is useful to memorize names of some reputed scholars of Islam, most of whom are listed on the 'List of Islamic studies scholars'. Since the scholarly books are usually published by "University of X" presses, you can also add "university" in the appropriate box in the advanced search to get the more scholarly works.
  • If you can afford $15 a month for access to an online library, Questia has a spotty selection of Islam-related books. They don't have everything one would want, but they have enough to justify the money, IMHO. You can search the library without joining.
  • In the U.S., if you have a library card at the local public library (usually free to city residents) you can often get a card at the library of a nearby public university or community college. This may get you access to their online databases like Lexis/Nexis, Jstor, and the Oxford English Dictionary.

From whom you can ask[sunting sumber]

Question mark.svg Please see: Expert Wikipedians in Islamic issues, where you may find a Wikipedian who can help you with your questions about Islamic issues.

Associated Wikimedia[sunting sumber]

Lists[sunting sumber]

Books[sunting sumber]

People[sunting sumber]

Related projects[sunting sumber]

Wikipedia:WikiProject Religion/Religion WikiProjects

Tools[sunting sumber]

Main tool page:
  • Reflinks - Edits bare references - adds title/dates etc. to bare references
  • Checklinks - Edit and repair external links
  • Dab solver - Quickly resolve ambiguous links.
  • Peer reviewer - Provides hints and suggestion to improving articles.

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