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English: Uppercase and lowercase Greek letter wau (digamma), an archaic letter of the Greek alphabet. Times New Roman font alike.
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semasa17:17, 17 Mei 2009Gambar kenit bagi versi pada 17:17, 17 Mei 20093,000 × 2,000 (2 KB)Artem Karimovcode cleanup
14:51, 18 Mac 2009Gambar kenit bagi versi pada 14:51, 18 Mac 20093,000 × 2,000 (5 KB)F l a n k e rMinor alignements
14:45, 18 Mac 2009Gambar kenit bagi versi pada 14:45, 18 Mac 20093,000 × 2,000 (5 KB)F l a n k e rSecond attempt (Digamma2 (Ϝϝ).png)
13:29, 18 Mac 2009Gambar kenit bagi versi pada 13:29, 18 Mac 20093,000 × 2,000 (5 KB)F l a n k e rNew lowercase shape (a first attempt to improve)
15:57, 17 Januari 2008Gambar kenit bagi versi pada 15:57, 17 Januari 20083,000 × 2,000 (5 KB)F l a n k e rRemoved bottom serifs from lower case letter
23:42, 10 Ogos 2007Gambar kenit bagi versi pada 23:42, 10 Ogos 20073,000 × 2,000 (5 KB)F l a n k e rstandard aspect ratio
10:31, 7 Oktober 2006Gambar kenit bagi versi pada 10:31, 7 Oktober 20062,580 × 1,500 (4 KB)F l a n k e r== Summary == Uppercase and lowercase Greek letter digamma. Category:Greek letters == Licensing == {{PD-self}}

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