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This sector includes value added by private households with employees and extraterritorial organisations. The Blue Book 2006 reports that this sector added gross value of £55,543 million to the UK economy in 2004.<ref name=bluebook/>
==CurrencyMata wang==
[[File:London.bankofengland.arp.jpg|thumb|right|[[Bank England]]; [[bank pusat]] United Kingdom.]]
London is the world capital for [[foreign exchange]] trading. The highest daily volume, counted in trillions of dollars US, is reached when [[New York]] enters the trade. Until relatively recently there was debate over whether or not the UK should abolish its currency [[Pound Sterling]] and join the [[Euro]]. The [[British Prime Minister]], [[Gordon Brown]], pledged at the time to hold a public [[referendum]] based on certain tests he set as [[Chancellor of the Exchequer]].
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