God Bless Anguilla

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God Bless Anguilla
Lagu Wilayah Anguilla

God Bless Anguilla adalah lagu kebangsaan tidak rasmi untuk Wilayah Seberang Laut British, Anguilla. Lagu "God Save the Queen" kekal menjadi lagu kebangsaan rasmi untuk wilayah ini.

Lirik[sunting | sunting sumber]

Nurture and keep her
Noble and beauteous
She stands midst the sea
Oh land of the happy
A haven we’ll make thee
Our lives and love
We give unto thee
With heart and soul
We’ll build a nation
Proud, strong and free
We’ll love her hold her
Dear to our hearts for eternity
Let truth and right
our banner be
We’ll march ever on
Mighty we’ll make
Long may she prosper
God grant her leaders
wisdom and grace
May glory and honour
Ever attend her
Firm shall she stand
Throughout every age

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