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Kategori:Pages using invalid self-closed HTML tags

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Pages in this category contain invalid self-closed HTML tags, such as <b/>, <div/>, <span/>, <p/>, and <td/>. (Valid tags defined in the HTML5 specification, like <br/>, <hr/>, and <wbr/>, do not cause this error.)[1][2]. The behavior of these invalid tags will change soon, to be consistent with the HTML5 specification, so their use in wikitext is deprecated. See phab:T134423 for more details.

Pages are also automatically placed in this category by malformed tags like </center/>, which should usually be changed to </center> (remove the final slash); or by malformed constructs like <s>...<s/>, which should usually be changed to <s>...</s> (move the slash from end to beginning of the closing tag).

Where an invalid <font /> or <span /> (with no attributes such as id= or class=) is used as a spacer to prevent wikicode from rendering in example code, like {<font/>{templatename}}, either replace <font /> with <nowiki /> for valid code that achieves the same effect, or use a template-linking template such as {{tl}} or {{tlx}}, as in {{tlx|templatename}}.

Some templates include an anchor |id= parameter. When fixing self-closed <div id="..."/> and <span id="..."/> tags that appear immediately before such templates, consider moving the anchor text from the HTML tag to inside the template and removing the now-unneeded tag.

If a given page in this category does not appear to have any invalid self-closed tags, it may be transcluding a page or template that does.

This category is populated based on the parameter at MediaWiki:Deprecated-self-close-category.

For a list of MediaWiki-populated tracking categories, see Special:TrackingCategories.

  1. ^ The full list of valid self-closing tags in HTML5 is: area, base, br, col, embed, hr, img, input, keygen, link, meta, param, source, track, and wbr. However, only <br/>, <hr/>, and <wbr/> are allowed through the parser. The HTML pre tag is superseded by the MediaWiki XML pre tag.
  2. ^ Some MediaWiki XML tags are also valid when self-closed, like <nowiki/> and <pre/>, as well as some extension tags like <ref/> and <references/>

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