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Purpose[sunting sumber]

This template links to an audio file for quick listening. It is meant to be used inline with text, for pronunciations and the like. It is meant to be used in situations where the template is used many times in a row and individual help links are not necessary. (see Morse code for an example).

Since the template does not include a help link, an explanation like {{Inline audio}} needs to be provided elsewhere in the article.

Usage[sunting sumber]

{{Audio-nohelp|<name of sound file>|<text to use as link to soundfile>}}


{{Audio-nohelp|X morse code.ogg|X}}

gives this:


See also[sunting sumber]

  • {{Audio}}, a variant of this template with a help link.
  • {{Spoken}}, which adds only the small icon with no links.
  • {{Listen}}, which sets an audio clip off from the main text.