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{{country data {{{1}}} | country bigflag | variant = | size = | name = | altlink = Pasukan badminton kebangsaan | altvar = badminton


Pendokumenan templat[lihat] [sunting] [sejarah] [nyahcache]

Description[sunting sumber]


Produces a flag icon attached to a wikilinked national badminton team article. This differs from Templat:Bd, making the flag icon larger and putting the team name underneath the flag. This style is used for certain event results tables.

  • nation — Use either the name of the nation or the three-letter country code as used by the IOC, for example
  • variant (optional) — Specifies an alternate (historical) flag to use. This parameter is documented by the appropriate template in Kategori:Templat data negara.
  • name (optional) — Can be used to change the wikilink display text

Examples[sunting sumber]

{{bd-big|Indonesia}} Bendera Indonesia
{{bd-big|CHN}} Bendera Republik Rakyat China
{{bd-big|Malaysia|1895|name=Malaya}} Bendera Malaysia

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