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The ImageMap extension has been installed on Wikipedia and should be used where possible in place of this template. However ImageMap does not currently work with template parameters, "magic words" or anchor links and thus cannot yet replace all uses of this template.


Templat risiko tinggi ini telah dilindungi dari suntingan bagi menghalang laku musnah. (log perlindungan). Sila bincangkan perubahan pada laman perbualan atau memohon nyahlindung. Anda boleh gunakan templat {{Suntingan dilindungi}} pada laman perbualan untuk meminta bantuan dari penyelia bagi melakukan suntingan anda.

This template attempts to superimpose an invisible link on an image. It may not work as expected for all browsers, and creates accessibility problems.


To use this template, simply copy the text below and replace the text between the <...> with the desired result.

|image  = <image to be linked>
|width  = <width of the image>
|height = <height of the image>
|link   = <page the image must link to>


|image  = Wikimedia-logo.svg
|width  = 100px
|height = 100px
|link   = :meta:Template:Click

Which will Produce:



This template attempts to superimpose an invisible link on an image. It doesn't work in text-only browsers, and in screen readers for the disabled,[1] and possibly other situations. The technique of using CSS to change page content also completely breaks an article's web accessibility by contravening a WAI priority-one checkpoint.[2] See Wikipedia:WikiProject Usability/Clickable images for detail.