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Penggunaan[sunting sumber]

Any and all the parameters are optional.

Penggunaan yang termudah adalah meletakkan {{wikibreak}} pada laman pengguna anda dan/atau laman perbualan pengguna anda dan templat yang di atas akan muncul, tetapi dengan nama pengguna anda menggantikan perkataan "Cutiwiki".
Untuk menukar hanya pesanan, guna {{wikibreak|message=PesananAnda}}, PesananAnda ialah pesanan yang anda hendak gunakan.
Sila lihat yang berikut untuk lebih pilihan

You also can have different types. All of these parameters are still valid for the other types too. To change the type, add |type=YourType| when you call the template. At the moment, the types are: "exams", "attempting", "long", and "normal" (but if the normal type isn't specified, that's OK)

Syntax[sunting sumber]

Any and all parameters optional.

| Name
| back      =
| type      =
| message   =
| bgcol     =
| image     =
| noimage   =
| imagesize =
| cats      =
Parameter Description Example and default
Name Your username or nickname. {{wikibreak | Joe | ...}}
message Your own message rather than the default. {{wikibreak | message=Joe is elsewhere for now, but will check his talk page now and then. | ...}}
Default: "Name is taking a short wikibreak and will be back on Wikipedia soon."
bgcol The name (e.g. "beige") or HTML hex (e.g. "#97AAC4") specifying the template's background colo/ur. {{wikibreak ...| bgcol=pink | ...}}
Default: #F8EABA
image Filename of the image you wish to appear
beside the message (omitting "Image:" prefix).
{{wikibreak ...| image=MyImage.jpg | ...}}
Default: SickGirlInPyjamas.jpg
noimage To display the template without a picture. {{wikibreak ...| noimage= | ...}}
Default: unused
imagesize Size of the image. {{wikibreak ...| imagesize=100px | ...}}
Default: 75px
cats Include "| cats= |" (without speechmarks) to prevent the page featuring the template from being added to any category, otherwise "| cats=[[Category:CategoryName1|{{PAGENAME}}]] [[Category:CategoryName2|{{PAGENAME}}]] ...|"
(without speechmarks) to include the page in CategoryName1, CategoryName2, ...
Default: Pages using this template automatically added to Category:Wikipedians who are not currently active and Category:Users currently away from Wikipedia.

If you feel that you can't stay away for your entire wikibreak, add the following to your user page: {{Wikibreak break}}