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Templat:Deletiontools This template will add tagged articles to Category:Articles to be merged.

Usage[sunting sumber]

  1. {{Mergefrom|Article_2 |Common Talk page discussion section title|date=MonthName Year|Username }}
  2. {{Mergeto|Article_1 |date=MonthName Year| Common Talk page discussion section title|Username }}
  3. {{Merge|ArticleA|Common Talk page discussion section title |date=MonthName Year|Username }}
  4. {{Merge|ArticleB|Talk:ArticleA#Merge_with_ArticleB_proposal |date=MonthName Year|Username }}

{{Mergefrom|MACs|date=December 2006|Talk:IBMPCs#Proposed_Merge_with_MACs}}

  1. Pagenames Article_1 and Article_2 in the appropriate templates. (If when previewed the link shows bold black, reverse them!)
  2. Common Talk Page#Section_name (Already started and hopefully just saved with your reasoning??!)
  3. Do not use square brackets around either page reference, they will be provided. Pipetricking the Talk section link is automatic and will display the link as '(discuss)'.
  4. Do not use a full url for either link, use the form you would place in square brackets.
  5. date code... "date=" parameter must be lowercase text, the proper name of the month, full four digits of year.
       note the 'date=' and Talk page link can be in either order.
  6. You must give a full link for the talk page (Talk:Apples), or none...
           including '#SectionName' or '#nn' where nn is the section number.
  7. Username or Signature is optional documentation... a courtesy to other editors, it does nothing in the template. It is implicitly understood that a tagging editor will 'pull the plug' on merger proposals that recieve little or no support over several months. (It's less controversial if you remove your own tagging, and conversely signifies you take responsibility to watch the proposal and follow the consensus that develops! This is a good practice for any and all banner tagging used for administration.)

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