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Usage[sunting sumber]

This template is designed to contain information on all types of ships. It is a centralised version of the table that has been used for ships on Wikipedia for a long time now. It contains a number of rows that will appear regardless of whether anything is filled in for those rows and a number of rows that only appear if they actually contain something. The empty version of the table looks like this:

{{Infobox ship
|Ship image=
|Ship caption=
|Ship country=
|Ship flag=
|Ship namesake=
|Ship class=
|Ship ordered=
|Ship builder=
|Ship laid down=
|Ship launched=
|Ship christened=
|Ship purchased=
|Ship commissioned=
|Ship decommissioned=
|Ship in service=
|Ship out of service=
|Ship renamed=
|Ship reclassified=
|Ship captured=
|Ship fate=
|Ship struck=
|Ship reinstated=
|Ship homeport=
|Ship displacement=
|Ship length=
|Ship beam=
|Ship draught=
|Ship propulsion=
|Ship speed=
|Ship range=
|Ship endurance=
|Ship test depth=
|Ship boats=
|Ship capacity=
|Ship complement=
|Ship time to activate=
|Ship sensors=
|Ship EW=
|Ship armament=
|Ship armour=
|Ship armor=
|Ship aircraft=
|Ship motto=
|Ship nickname=
|Ship honours=
|Ship notes=
|Ship badge=

Using this version of the table will result in the following default being created on the page where the template is used:

Ciri-ciri umum

The rows that will always appear in the template are:

  • Ship image
  • Ship flag
  • Ship laid down
  • Ship launched
  • Ship fate
  • Ship displacement
  • Ship length
  • Ship beam
  • Ship draught
  • Ship propulsion
  • Ship speed
  • Ship complement

They are included as all ships, by definition, have those qualities. If they are empty the text rows default to "Unknown" and the image rows (Ship image and Ship flag) default to displaying Image:IIH.png as a placeholder.

The remaining rows in the table are optional and they only appear if they actually have something in them since not all ships possess these attributes. They are:

  • Ship caption
  • Ship country
  • Ship namesake
  • Ship ordered
  • Ship builder
  • Ship christened
  • Ship purchased
  • Ship commissioned
  • Ship decommissioned
  • Ship in service
  • Ship out of service
  • Ship renamed
  • Ship reclassified
  • Ship captured
  • Ship struck
  • Ship reinstated
  • Ship homeport
  • Ship range
  • Ship endurance
  • Ship test depth
  • Ship boats
  • Ship capacity
  • Ship time to activate
  • Ship sensors
  • Ship EW
  • Ship armament
  • Ship armour
  • Ship aircraft
  • Ship motto
  • Ship nickname
  • Ship honours
  • Ship notes
  • Ship badge

US and UK alternative spellings are available for the variables Ship draught, Ship armour and Ship honours. Simply alter the spelling of the variables to Ship draft, Ship armor and Ship honors respectively and the US spellings will come up rather than the UK spellings. Since Ship draught is a row that always appears in the table if neither variable contains any information the row will default to "Unknown" and the US spelling will be used.

A main configuration parameter is NavyColor which controls the color of the career and general characteristics title bars. The default color is "navy".

The usage of each row is as follows:

  • Ship image — a photo or any other image of the ship in question using standard MediaWiki image markup, which should not be wider than 300 pixels (include an alternate text for those who can't see the image—the name of the ship at least)
  • Ship caption — a caption to the image of the ship in question (if appropriate—e.g. if there's more than one ship in the picture, or if the occasion or activity is noteworthy)
  • Ship namesake — What or who the ship was named after.
  • Ship country — the country that the ship served, usually presented in brackets
  • Ship flag — the flag/ensign/jack the ship flew, again inserted using standard MediaWiki image markup
  • Ship ordered — the date the ship was first ordered
  • Ship builder - the organisation that built the ship
  • Ship laid down — the date the ship was laid down
  • Ship launched — the date the ship was launched
  • Ship christened — the date the ship was christened
  • Ship purchased — the date the ship changed hands either by purchase or some other means like requisitioning, except for capture by enemy forces which is covered by another variable
  • Ship commissioned — the date the ship was commissioned into a navy or other military service
  • Ship decommissioned — the date the ship was decommissioned from a navy or other military service
  • Ship in service — the date the ship came into service where it was not commissioned (for example ships of the Military Sealift Command of the United States Navy
  • Ship out of service — the date the ship came out of service
  • Ship renamed — the date the ship was renamed and what names it went under before and after the renaming
  • Ship reclassified — the date the ship was reclassified, for example from a gun cruiser to a guided missile cruiser, and what classifications it went under before and after the reclassification
  • Ship captured — the date the ship was captured due to enemy action in wartime or by pirates
  • Ship struck — the date the ship was removed from any register of naval vessels it was on
  • Ship reinstated — the date the was reinstated to any register of naval vessels it was on
  • Ship fate — the current status of the ship if still extant or its final fate otherwise
  • Ship homeport — the home port of the ship
  • Ship displacement — the displacement of the ship, preferably at least full load displacement for warships and deadweight tonnage for merchant vessels
  • Ship length — the length of the ship
  • Ship beam — the beam of the ship
  • Ship draught — the amount of water the ship draws
  • Ship propulsion — the propulsion method used for the ship including details, if appropriate and available, of engine-type, number of shafts and shaft horsepower
  • Ship speed — the speed the ship was capable of
  • Ship range — the range of the ship at a particular speed
  • Ship endurance — how long the ship can stay at sea, and if a diesel submarine its underwater endurance
  • Ship test depth — if the ship is a submarine, the depth to which it was tested during trials
  • Ship boats — details of the smaller craft such as admiral's barges and landing craft that the ship carries
  • Ship capacity — the amount and type of cargo that the ship can carry and the amount of stores that a warship carries
  • Ship complement — the number of officers and enlisted men serving on board the ship including a split into different organisations if appropriate and known, e.g. a carrier's crew and air group
  • Ship time to activate — if the ship is not in active service the time it takes to get the ship in active service from the moment the order to do so is given
  • Ship sensors — the sensors that the ship possess including radar and sonar
  • Ship EW — the electronic warfare and decoy equipment carried by a warship
  • Ship armament — the armament that a ship possess including guns, rockets, missiles and torpedoes and the launching systems for those weapons if appropriate
  • Ship armour — the amount of armour that the ship possess and where it is in the ship
  • Ship aircraft — the aircraft that the ship can support and the aviation facilities that is uses to support those aircraft
  • Ship motto — any motto known for the ship (include English translation if necessary)
  • Ship nickname — any nicknames known for the ship
  • Ship honours — any honours and awards bestowed on the ship, such as campaign awards, unit commendations and prizes (like the Blue Ribband for liners)
  • Ship notes - Anything about the ship that is particularly notable and not covered elsewhere in the table
  • Ship badge - any badge that was commonly associated with the ship

To input information into the table simply insert it after the equals sign on each row as appropriate. If the ship is part of a large class of vessels and each of those vessels share common characteristics such as propulsion equipment then MediaWiki templates can be used to insert that information for each member of the class. Any unique features of a particular ship in the class can then be inserted after the template as appropriate.

For a table of the ensigns and jacks that can be used in the table see Wikipedia:WikiProject Ships/Ensigns.

Example of Usage[sunting sumber]

The markup below produces the table seen on the right of the page:

{{Infobox ship|
|Ship image=[[Image:IIH.png|300px|InsertAltTextHere]]
|Ship caption=caption
|Ship country=(UK)
|Ship flag=[[Image:Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg|60px|Royal Navy Ensign]]
|Ship ordered=[[April 7]] [[1977]]
|Ship laid down=[[April 15]] [[1979]]
|Ship launched=[[July 1]] [[1981]]
|Ship purchased=
|Ship commissioned=[[May 27]] [[1983]]
|Ship decommissioned=
|Ship in service=
|Ship out of service=
|Ship captured=
|Ship fate=active in service
|Ship struck=
|Ship reinstated=
|Ship reinstated=
|Ship homeport=
|Ship displacement={{Ship displacement box Trafalgar class submarine}}
|Ship length={{Ship length box Trafalgar class submarine}}
|Ship beam={{Ship beam box Trafalgar class submarine}}
|Ship draught={{Ship draught box Trafalgar class submarine}}
|Ship propulsion={{Ship propulsion box Trafalgar class submarine}}
|Ship speed={{Ship speed box Trafalgar class submarine}}
|Ship range=
|Ship endurance=
|Ship test depth=
|Ship capacity=
|Ship complement={{Ship complement box Trafalgar class submarine}}
|Ship time to activate=
|Ship sensors={{Ship sensors box Trafalgar class submarine}}<br>[[BAE Systems]] SMCS from [[1995]]
|Ship EW={{Ship EW box Trafalgar class submarine}}<br>SAWCS decoys carried from [[2002]]
|Ship armament={{Ship armament box Trafalgar class submarine}}<br>SAWCS decoys carried from [[2002]]
|Ship armour=
|Ship aircraft=
|Ship motto=
|Ship nickname=

Kerjaya (UK) Royal Navy Ensign
Diarahkan:April 7 1977
Dibaringkan: April 15 1979
Dilancarkan: July 1 1981
Ditauliahkan:May 27 1983
Status: active in service
Ciri-ciri umum
Pengambilalihan: Templat:Ship displacement box Trafalgar class submarine
Panjang: Templat:Ship length box Trafalgar class submarine
Bim: Templat:Ship beam box Trafalgar class submarine
Pengapungan:Templat:Ship draught box Trafalgar class submarine
Tujahan:Templat:Ship propulsion box Trafalgar class submarine
Kelajuan: Templat:Ship speed box Trafalgar class submarine
Pelengkap: Templat:Ship complement box Trafalgar class submarine
Sensor dan sistem pemproses:Templat:Ship sensors box Trafalgar class submarine
BAE Systems SMCS from 1995
Alat perang elektronik dan umpan:Templat:Ship EW box Trafalgar class submarine
SAWCS decoys carried from 2002
Persenjataan:Templat:Ship armament box Trafalgar class submarine
SAWCS decoys carried from 2002