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Pendokumenan templat[lihat] [sunting] [sejarah] [nyahcache]

Penggunaan[sunting sumber]

Templat ini menambahkan __NOINDEX__, yang akan membuang laman berkenaan daripada sesetengah enjin carian dan secara automatik mengkategorikan lelaman dalam Kategori:Laman tak diindeks.

__NOINDEX__ is disabled in article space and this template consequently has no effect there.[1]

Parameter: |visible = yes : makes the template display a line of plain text to inform editors that the page is excluded from search engine indexing.

Catatan[sunting sumber]

  1. ^ This is controlled by the MediaWiki software setting $wgExemptFromUserRobotsControl, which defaults to $wgContentNamespaces, which is set to main space on almost all Wikimedia projects – see here and here.