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Templat:USN flag

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United States Navy ensign

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This template is used to insert the appropriate ensign for the United States Navy into infoboxes and other places where it's useful. The template was created because the Flag of the United States changed whenever a new state was admitted. The template's intent is to make getting the right ensign easier.

To use the template, insert the following where you'd like the ensign to appear:

  • {{USN flag|year|width in pixels|alt=alternative description}}

Both parameters are optional. If you do not include a year, the current ensign will be displayed. If you do not include a width, the ensign will be the right size for use in a ship infobox. The ensign will have a 1-pixel white border around it to make it stand out clearly from the blue infobox. If the template is being used for non-U.S. Navy ships (like a U.S. Army transport, for example) the alt parameter can be used to specifiy an image description other than the default, which is "United States Navy ensign".

Here are some example uses:

Text Result Example
{{USN flag}} Current ensign in infobox size (67 pixels wide)[1] United States Navy ensign
{{USN flag|1945}} 1945 ensign in infobox size (67 pixels wide)[1] United States Navy ensign
{{USN flag|1865|20}} 1865 ensign, 20 pixels wide United States Navy ensign
If you want to specify just a width, it is done like so:
Text Result Example
{{USN flag|2=20}} Current ensign, 20 pixels wide United States Navy ensign
{{USN flag|2=100}} Current ensign, 100 pixels wide United States Navy ensign
Text Result Example
{{USN flag|1919|alt=United States Army ensign}} 1919 ensign, infobox size, alternative text
(hover mouse over the icon to see the text)
United States Army ensign

A year should almost always be specified. Only leave it off when the ship is in service right now. A width should usually not be specified. Only specify a width when the template is being used someplace other than an infobox.

Also, a nitpicky usage note. The template displays the flag used at the end of the specified year. For example, the US flag changed from 46 to 48 stars on July 4, 1912. If you use {{USN flag|1912}} in an article, it will display the 48-star flag. If you want a 46-star flag for a ship that only served in early 1912, use the previous year's flag, {{USN flag|1911}}.

  1. ^ a b This is the size that fits within the infobox recommended size of 100px x 35 px.