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Template:wikicite makes a simple reference, for use in a "References" section for books, journals, web references, etc. The reference text is formatted manually, and the template merely adds an anchor for linking from in-text citations, and wraps everything in an HTML <cite> element.


{{wikicite | id= | reference= }}

The "id" is a unique identifier used for the reference link on the page, compatible with some other reference templates (100% compatible with {{wikiref}}, if you use the format Author-2006; use an underscore for a space: Von_Autor-2006). The "reference" is the full text of a reference, including links. The reference is formatted through editing wikitext. Recommended format:

* {{wikicite | id= Atwood-2003 | reference= Atwood, Margaret (2003). ''Oryx and Crake'', Toronto: McClelland & Stewart. ISBN 0-77100-868-6. }}


  • Atwood, Margaret (2003). Oryx and Crake, Toronto: McClelland & Stewart. ISBN 0-77100-868-6.

Resulting code:

<li><cite id="Reference-Atwood-2003" style="font-style:normal;">Atwood, Margaret (2003). <i>Oryx and Crake</i>, Toronto: McClelland & Stewart. <a href="/w/index.php?title=Special:Booksources&isbn=0771008686" class="internal">ISBN 0-77100-868-6</a>.</cite></li>

This includes the HTML <cite id="Reference-Atwood-2003">, allowing you to link to the citation in your article's text with, for example [[#Reference-Atwood-2003 |(Atwood 2003)]], yielding a Harvard-style reference (Atwood 2003).

Features[sunting sumber]

  • Compatible with any reference style: editor has 100% control of the format through a technology called editing wikitext

Technical features:

  • Produces well-formed, accessible, semantically-correct HTML code
  • Compatible many other templates' in-text citation links (any id which starts with "Reference-")
  • Complies with WP:AUM
  • No conditionals
  • No Qif
  • No CSS hacks

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