Dorothy Gish

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Dorothy Gish
Dorothy Gish c. 1920
Dorothy Elizabeth Gish

(1898-03-11)11 Mac 1898
Meninggal dunia4 Jun 1968(1968-06-04) (umur 70)
Sebab kematianParu-paru berair
PekerjaanPelakon, penulis, pengarah
Tahun aktif1912–1963
PasanganJames Rennie
(k. 1920; c. 1935)
Ibu bapaMary Robinson McConnell
James Leigh Gish
SaudaraLillian Gish (kakak)

Dorothy Elizabeth Gish (11 Mac 1898 – 4 Jun 1968) merupakan pelakon pentas dan filem Amerika Syarikat, selain turut bergelar pengarah dan penulis. [1] Dorothy dan kakak beliau, Lillian Gish merupakan antara bintang utama ketika era filem senyap.

Beliau pernah mengahwini pelakon kelahiran Kanada, James Rennie (1890–1965), yang turut berlakon bersama beliau dalam Remodeling Her Husband (dirakam pada tahun 1920, dan diarahkan oleh Lillian). Mereka berkahwin pada tahun 1920 dan bercerai pada tahun 1935. Selepas itu, Dorothy tidak lagi berkahwin sehingga akhir hayatnya.

Dorothy meninggal dunia pada tahun 1968 akibat paru-paru berair ketika berusia 70 tahun di sebuah klinik di Rapallo, Itali dan kakaknya, Lillian berada di sisinya ketika itu.

Sumbangan beliau dalam dunia perfileman telah melayakkan beliau menerima bintang di Hollywood Walk of Fame

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  1. ^ Although for many years it was believed that the Gish sisters were born with surname "De Guiche" or "de Guiche"; in actuality their surname was, in fact, Gish. According to Lillian Gish: Her Legend, Her Life, a biography by Charles Affron: "The Gish name was initially the source of some mystification. In 1922, at the time of the opening of Orphans of the Storm, Lillian reported that the Gish family was of French origin, descending from the Duke de Guiche.... [S]uch press-agentry falsification was common. Just a few years later the story was modified slightly so that de Guiche becomes the more illustrious Duc de Guise.... [A]mong the Gish ancestors were a great-uncle probably murdered on a business trip to Philadelphia and four cousins who served in the Civil War ... James Leigh Gish was the youngest of four sons of David Gish (1814–1888) and Diana Caroline Waltz."

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