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Muslims hold that [[Islam]] is derived from two sources: one being infallible and containing compressed information — the [[Qur'an]] — and another being a detailed explanation of the everyday application of the principles established in the Qur'an: The [[Sunnah]], or the living example of the [[Islamic prophet]] [[Muhammad]].
All Muslims believe the Qur'an is error-free, but they differ on how to apply the Sunnah in order to interpret and understand the Qur'an.
<ref>[ The Revelation Of The Qur'an].</ref>
===Shi'aPandangan viewAhli Syiah===
Shi'a divide the [[Sahaba]] into groups <ref>[ A Shi'ite View of the Companions] from</ref> and only trust some those who did not oppose the [[Ahl al-Bayt]]. Shi'a are known to criticize [[Umar]], the second Sunni Caliph, as having admitted that he does not view it necessary to follow Muhammads Sunnah, and cite the [[hadith of the pen and paper]] as evidence.
===SunniPandangan viewAhli Sunnah===
Sunni view that [[Uprightness of all Sahaba|all Sahaba are righteous]] and can be trusted in their transmission of the Sunnah.
===Qur'anPandangan onlyAhli viewAl-Quran===
There is a small minority of so-called [[Qur'an only]] muslims who do not believe in Sunnah as an element of Islam.
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