Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice
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PengarangJane Austen (asalnya diterbitkan di bawah catatan "seorang wanita.")
NegaraUnited Kingdom
BahasaBahasa Inggeris
PenerbitT. Egerton, Whitehall
Tarikh penerbitan
28 Januari 1813
Jenis mediaCetakan (Kulit buku keras & Kulit buku lembut)
Didahului oleh'Sense and Sensibility'
Diikuti oleh'Mansfield Park'

Pride and Prejudice ("Lagak Wasangka") ialah sebuah novel romantik komedi berbahasa Inggeris terbit 1813 karya Jane Austen.

Austen memulakan penulisan manuskrip asal antara tahun-tahun 1796 dan 1797 dengan judul awalnya First Impressions ("Tanggapan Pertama"). Ia diterbitkan dalam tajuk baharu selepas pengemaskinian pada 28 Januari 1813.

Jalan cerita[sunting | sunting sumber]

Pn. Bennet amat gembira mendengar berita ketibaan seorang lelaki bujang "yang amat kaya" berjiranan. En. Bingley telah menyewakan estate Netherfield di mana dia merancang untuk tinggal secara sementara bersama dua adik-beradik perempuannya, Cik Bingley dan Pn. Hurst, dan suami adik-beradik perempuannya, En. Hurst. Tidak lama kemudian, Bingley dan pestanya, yang termasuk kawan karibnya Fitzwilliam Darcy, menghadiri sebuah ball awam di kampung Meryton. Pada mulanya, Darcy is admired for his fine figure and income of £10,000 a year. However, he is soon regarded contemptuously as the villagers become disgusted with his pride. This is brought home to the Bennet family when Elizabeth Bennet overhears Darcy decline Bingley's suggestion that he dance with her. Bingley, on the other hand, proves highly agreeable, dancing with many of the eligible ladies in attendance and showing his decided admiration for Jane Bennet. Eager to encourage this highly advantageous match, Mrs Bennet attempts to push Jane and Bingley together at every opportunity.

Shortly after the ball, Mr Collins, a cousin who will inherit the Bennet estate because of an entail, visits the family. Collins, a pompous buffoon of a clergyman whose idea of a pleasant evening is reading to his female cousins from Fordyce's Sermons, delights in dropping the name of his great patroness, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, with great frequency. Following Lady Catherine's imperious suggestion that he marry, Collins has decided to make amends for his role in his cousins' future impoverishment by marrying one of them. Mr Collins proposes to Elizabeth but she refuses him pointblank. Although Mrs Bennet tries to promote the marriage, Elizabeth, advocated by her father, will not have him. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is introduced to Mr. Wickham, a pleasing, amiable officer in the regiment. Wickham informs her that he had known Mr Darcy his entire life, but was dealt a serious wrong after the death of Darcy's father. After the tale is told, Elizabeth begins to harbour a strong prejudice against Mr Darcy.

After Elizabeth rejects Mr Collins, he hurriedly marries her best friend, Charlotte Lucas, and Elizabeth is invited to visit the newlyweds. While she is staying with them, Darcy visits his aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, at the adjoining estate, Rosings. Elizabeth and Darcy are therefore thrown daily into each other's company. Elizabeth's charms eventually entrance Mr Darcy, leading him to finally declare his love for her "against his own will" and his desire to marry her in spite of her objectionable family. Surprised and insulted by Darcy's high-handed method of proposing, as well as having recently learnt that Darcy convinced Bingley to sever ties with Jane and still contemptuous of Darcy's supposed wrongs against Wickham, Elizabeth refuses him in no uncertain terms, saying that he is "the last man in the world whom [she] could ever be prevailed on to marry." The next day, Darcy intercepts Elizabeth on her morning walk and hands her a letter before coldly taking his leave. In the letter, Darcy justifies his actions regarding his interference in Bingley and Jane's relationship, and reveals his history concerning Mr Wickham and Wickham's true nature. The letter sheds a new light on Darcy's personality for Elizabeth and she begins to reconsider her opinion of him, particularly in the case of Wickham.

Later, while on holiday with her aunt and uncle, the Gardiners, Elizabeth is persuaded to visit nearby Pemberley, Darcy's estate, but only goes because she is told he is away. She is therefore mortified when she bumps into him unexpectedly while on a tour of the grounds. However, his altered behaviour towards her - distinctly warmer from their last meeting - and his polite and friendly manner towards her aunt and uncle begins to persuade Elizabeth that underneath his pride lies a true and generous nature. Her revised opinion of Darcy is supported through meeting his younger sister Georgiana, a gentle-natured and shy girl whom Darcy lovingly dotes upon.

Just as her relationship with Darcy starts to thaw, Elizabeth is horrified by news that, in her absence, her headstrong younger sister Lydia has attracted Wickham's attentions and eloped with him. When the family investigates, they learn that Wickham resigned his commission to evade gambling debts. When told of this by Elizabeth, Darcy takes it upon himself to find Wickham and bribe him into marrying Lydia, but keeps this secret from Elizabeth and her family. Elizabeth accidentally learns of Darcy's involvement from Lydia's careless remarks, later confirmed by Mrs Gardiner. This final act completes a reversal in Elizabeth's sentiments, and she begins to regret having turned down Darcy's earlier proposal of marriage.

Lady Catherine discovers Darcy's feelings for Elizabeth, threatening her long cherished ambition for him to marry her own daughter. She pays Elizabeth an unannounced visit and brusquely tries to intimidate her into refusing such an engagement. Unfortunately, Catherine's visit serves to consolidate Elizabeth's intentions. Furthermore, Lady Catherine visits Darcy later, and relates the entire conversation to him, leading Darcy to the conviction that marrying Elizabeth is possible.

The book ends with two marriages: Jane and Bingley, as well as Darcy and Elizabeth. While the Bennets go their separate ways, both couples live happily ever after.

Watak-watak utama[sunting | sunting sumber]

Elizabeth Bennet - protagonist dalam buku novel ini.

Fitzwilliam Darcy - cinta kedua Elizabeth.

Mr. Bennet - bapa Elizabeth dan ketua keluarga Bennet.

Mrs. Bennet - ibu Elizabeth dan isteri En. Bennet yang berperwatakan sangat teruja dan tamak.

Jane Bennet - kakak sulung Elizabeth Bennet, dia dikatakan sebagai yang paling cantik dalam kalangan adik-beradik ini.

Lydia Bennet - adik bongsu Elizabeth Bennet yang suka memberontak.

Charles Bingley - sahabat dekat Darcy yang kaya budi dan harta. Dia tertarik dengan Jane Bennet

William Collins - sepupu Mr Bennet. Dia seorang agamawan.

George Wickham - seorang askar yang merupakan pesaing Fitzwilliam Darcy. Mendiang ayahnya bekerja menguruskan estet Darcy.

Mary Bennet - kakak tengah Elizabeth.

Catherine "Kitty" Bennet - adik Elizabeth tapi kakak Lydia. Sangat rapat dengan Lydia.

Charlotte Lucas - jiran dan sahabat baik Elizabeth.

Georgiana Darcy - adik perempuan Fitzwilliam Darcy.

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