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Usage[sunting sumber]

This template is used to provide sources for Bible verse references.

This template creates an external link. The external links content guideline states that external links "should not normally be used in the body of an article". Furthermore, the use of inline parenthetical referencing is now deprecated on Wikipedia. Place external links to the Bible in footnotes, but be aware that the Bible may be considered a primary source, which should be used with care in sourcing Wikipedia articles.

Code format:

{{Bibleverse|Bible book name|c:v–c:v|version}}
{{Bibleverse|Genesis|1:1|KJV}} yields: Genesis 1:1
  • Shorthand can be used for the names, such as 1 Sam or Deut. See the Chicago Manual of Style for other acceptable abbreviations.
  • Verse references may be simplified (for example, no range or entire chapter).

List of versions[sunting sumber]

The following is a partial list of available Bible versions and the external sites used by the template to link them. The default version is the New Revised Standard Version because it is most commonly preferred by biblical scholars:[1]

Code Version External site Example usage
ESV English Standard Version ESV.org John 3:16
HE Hebrew-English—parallel MT and JPS 1917 Mechon Mamre Genesis 1:1
KJV King James Version Wikisource John 3:16
NIV New International Version Biblica John 3:16
NRSV New Revised Standard Version Oremus John 3:16
NRSVAE New Revised Standard Version, Anglicized Edition Oremus John 3:16
NKJV New King James Version Bible Gateway Matthew 18:21–22

Alternative version[sunting sumber]

An alternative version of this template is available that does not include the book name: Template:Bibleverse-nb. It can be used to create lists of verses, e.g. [[Book of Exodus|Exodus]] {{Bibleverse-nb||Exodus|1:2–3|HE}}; {{Bibleverse-nb||Exodus|13:10|HE}} produces: Exodus 1:2–3; 13:10

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TemplateData[sunting sumber]

Berikut ialah pendokumenan TemplateData untuk templat ini yang digunakan oleh VisualEditor dan alatan-alatan lain; lihat laporan penggunaan parameter bulanan untuk templat ini.

TemplateData untuk Bibleverse

A template to generate a link to selected Bible editions at several sites including biblegateway.com. This template will create a link with the name of the book and specified chapter and verse, or range of chapters and verses, or just an entire chapter. Use Bibleverse-nb to create a link without the book name in the anchor text of the link.

Parameter templat[Sunting data templat]


The name of the book.


The chapter and verse to be cited. Also, the range to be cited, or just the chapter. For example: '5:4', '1:1–2', '21:1–24:7' or '6'. Do not include any spaces.


The edition to be cited. Given in common abbreviations (e.g., 'KJV', 'NIV', 'HE', 'ESV', 'NRSVAE'). Default is 'NRSV'.