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Rencana ini ialah mengenai the present-day regional subdivision of Poland. Untuk information on the general historical region to which it roughly corresponds, sila lihat Greater Poland.
Greater Poland Voivodeship

Województwo wielkopolskie
Bendera Greater Poland Voivodeship
Jata Greater Poland Voivodeship
Location within Poland
Location within Poland
Division into counties
Division into counties
Koordinat (Poznań): 52°17′34″N 16°44′8″E / 52.29278°N 16.73556°E / 52.29278; 16.73556
Country Poland
 • Total29,826 km2 (11,516 batu persegi)
 • Total3,374,653
 • Kepadatan110/km2 (290/batu persegi)
 • Bandar
 • Rural
Car platesP
Laman webhttp://www.en.poznan.uw.gov.pl/
  • further divided into 226 gminas.
Wielkopolskie location map.PNG

Lambang Wielkopolskie

Daerah ini merupakan wilayah Poland dengan keluasan wilayah 29,826 km² dan penduduk sebanyak 3.4 juta orang. Bandar-bandar besarnya adalah:

Bandar-bandar besar[sunting | sunting sumber]

(penduduk 2003)

Bandaraya dan bandar[sunting | sunting sumber]

Poznań is the capital of the Greater Poland Voivodeship
Kalisz Old Town Hall
Gniezno with its cathedral is the seat of the catholic Primate of Poland

The voivodeship contains 109 cities and towns. These are listed below in descending order of population (according to official figures for 2006[1] ):